Erroneous US Mint Notice Says 2010 Proof Silver Eagles Sold Out


2010 Proof Silver Eagle

Following the cancellation of last year’s proof Silver Eagle, the last thing collectors wanted to hear was that this year’s 2010 Proof Silver Eagle had already sold out. (The silver coins are scheduled to go on sale November 19.) But that is exactly what a selection of U.S. Mint subscription customers were told earlier this week in an e-mail.

A Thursday evening message from the Mint, titled "Erroneous cancellation of backordered and subscription orders," calmed fears.

The e-mail said prior notices that some backordered and subscription items were canceled were in error, and that the Mint was "diligently working on a resolution to the issue." The Mint went on to apologize for the confusion and inconvenience.

Word of the 2010 Proof Silver Eagle coin cancellations began appearing Thursday throughout collector forums, website comments, and contacts to numismatic news organizations after customers received the following Mint e-mail message:

Greetings from the United States Mint. Thank you for ordering from the United States Mint. We regret to inform you that the item(s) listed below are currently sold out. A customer service representative will be happy to assist you in finding an alternative item.

A response from United States Mint officials was not available as staff were away on Veterans Day. However, busy Mint customer service reps were available to clarify orders from customers who called.

The snafu affected only those who had subscribed to the 2010 Proof Silver Eagle. The Mint’s subscription program, much like a magazine subscription service, enables customers to place orders prior to a product’s release, and then have them automatically delivered each year at the time they are officially issued.

Collectors who choose to order the coins through the Mint’s online store ( or phone banks (1-800-USA-MINT) may do so beginning at noon ET on Friday, November 19. The price of the proof is $45.95. There is a household order limit of 100.

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I got the same message for the 2009 DC/Territories Quarters Silver Proof Sets I ordered. I wonder if they did sell out or if it too was in error

little guy

what is going on over there?????????????