US Mint April Coin Production: First 2010 Nickels Minted


The United States Mint today published coin production figures for April 2010, and for the first time this year Jefferson nickels appear on the mintage boards. The US Mint also produced cents, dimes, quarters and Presidential dollars.

Circulating Coins Minted in April

Denver Philadelphia Total
2010 Lincoln Cents 135,200,000 149,600,000 284,800,000
2010 Jefferson Nickels 0 1,680,000 1,680,000
2010 Roosevelt Dimes 40,000,000 54,500,000 94,500,000
2010 Quarters 16,400,000 18,600,000 35,000,000
2010 Kennedy Half Dollars 0 0 0
2010 Native American $1 0 0 0
2010 Presidential $1s 16,940,000 19,040,000 35,980,000
Total 208,540,000 243,420,000 451,960,000


The Mint was busier, striking more coins than it has in any single month for at least a year — a good economic indicator that commercial activity is on the rise. 451.96 million coins were minted in April versus the 384.42 million reported in March 2010. (February’s total was 194.40 million and January was 218.41 million.)

A token amount of 2010 nickels were produced last month in Philadelphia at 1.68 million. The immediate prior run back in July was a batch of 6.96 million dimes from Denver (none have come out of Denver since). The last time the Mint’s Philadelphia facility pressed them was in April 2009.

The 2010s have a ways ahead before they catch up to last year’s mintage. Yet, only 86.64 million nickels were manufactured in all of 2009 — a mere bird’s dropping as compared to the year before when 640.56 million were released into circulation. 2010 nickels are looking to be a promising collector’s item.

Dimes are back in the picture, jumping by a significant 94.5 million in March, with production split between mints. The 10-cent pieces have a similar story to tell like the nickels. Prior to February’s output of 19 million from Philadelphia, none had been made since April 2009.

The year-to-date tally from both mints now stand at 113.5 million dimes, which is closing in on 2009’s 146 million run. Beyond that, there is a long way to go before the numbers come halfway close to the more than 1 billion struck in 2008.

35 million more 2010 America the Beautiful Quarters were produced. However, the Mint is yet to provide mintage breakouts by design for the new series, as the following table illustrates:

2010 Year-to-Date Coin Production by Design

Denver Philadelphia 2010 Total
Lincoln Cent 429,200,000 427,630,000 856,830,000
Jefferson Nickel 0 1,680,000 1,680,000
Roosevelt Dime 40,000,000 73,500,000 113,500,000
Kennedy Half Dollar 1,700,000 1,800,000 3,500,000
2010 Native American $1 14,000,000 32,060,000 46,060,000
Fillmore Presidential $1 36,960,000 37,520,000 74,480,000

The Mint has struck a total of 77.4 million quarters through April, with 35.4 million from Denver and 42.0 million from Philadelphia. It would appear they are all Hot Springs National Park Quarters, and that the Mint is still producing more of them.

With the Yellowstone National Park Quarter release on June 1, 2010, the Mint is certain to begin producing those this month. As such, the Hot Springs quarter mintages should be finalized in the next coin production report.

The April Presidential $1 coin figures represent a portion of the strikes being readied for the upcoming Franklin Pierce dollar release on May 20, 2010.

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