Coin Chat Radio: Houston Money Show, Netherlands Coins


Coin Chat Radio Web site Up first on this week’s episode of Coin Chat Radio is Bob Van Ryzin with his ‘In the News.’ Ryzin informs us of the 2011 Medal of Honor Commemorative Coins that were just signed into law by President Obama.

$5 gold coins along with $1 silver coins will be issued to mark the 150th anniversary since the creation of the Medal of Honor during the American Civil War and its recipients in the years since.

Next up, Numismatic News Editor Dave Harpers spends some time with Carl Schwenker where they discuss the upcoming Houston Money Show of the Southwest scheduled for December 3-5, 2009. The schedule for the show is talked about first as well as some of the exhibits that will be offered.


"The other thing I am really excited about is that we will have a 1943 ‘S’ copper penny that’s currently insured for $250,000, on the floor, right there, you can go nose to nose with it," states Carl Schwenker when discussing an exhibit planned for the Houston Money Show of the Southwest.


The two then discuss the first ever PNG day for the coin show. It is a special collaboration between the Greater Houston Coin Club, Inc. (GHCC) and the Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG). The day before the show officially starts, PNG dealers and their invited guests will be allowed inside as an exclusive benefit to their members.


"It’s interesting because of two things," explains Schwenker when asked about the PNG day, "we sort of announced it late, late in the season for people to plan. But I think we’re getting a good feedback as far as the number of dealers that are coming. We have some very high quality dealers that are going to be here that I don’t think would have come to the show if we did not have the PNG day."

"More importantly, I think we will probably pick up a number of people from either dealers themselves that want to come and walk the floor, or your very serious collectors that will be in the house."


Following that discussion, the conversation turns to bullion and special presentations that will be offered at the show called "How to include rare coins and bullion in your investment portfolio without being ripped off!"

Closing out the program, Online Editor Lisa Bellavin and Krause Market Analyst Tom Michael discuss new Netherlands coin issues and pricing references. A new coin issue discussed is one celebrating 400 years of the Netherlands trade relations with Japan. An image of this new silver issue can be seen on the Netherlands Mints website,

To listen to the November 19th episode (or previous episodes) of Coin Chat Radio, go to their website at All episodes may also be found via the free Coin Chat Radio player found on sites like Coin Collecting News.

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