Coin Chat Radio: America the Beautiful Quarters, Coinfest Show in Stamford, Conn.


Coin Chat Radio Web siteCoin Chat Radio’s September 17th edition finds Bob Van Ryzin and his "What’s In The News" segment informing listeners of the US Mint’s America the Beautiful Quarters Program with new quarter releases scheduled to begin next year with an Arkansas Hot Springs National Park piece.

Third Annual Coinfest Bourse Chairman Jon Lerner discusses the October 9th-11th show, which will will be held in Stamford, Conn., with Numismatic News editor Dave Harper.


"We’re sold out again this year," comments Lerner when asked about the number of dealers that will be attending the show. "We have 150 dealers. They’re a nice variety of dealers, and that’s one of the things that we were looking for.

You know you don’t just want to have a show where it’s just one type of dealer. What I mean by that is you want dealers of some that have copper, some have type, some have currency, some have ancient. So that there is something for everybody."


Lerner takes some time to talk about the special programs that will be available during the show. One example of this is a free breakfast offered where a question and answer session will be held for those in attendance. Also, two million dollar coins will be on display from attending dealers.

The conversation turns to how a new coin collector should interact with a dealer on the bourse floor.


"You need to approach the dealer when they have the time to talk with you," Lerner explains. "There’s no sense trying to get a dealer’s attention and start asking questions if you see that he has coins out, that he’s got three or four other people waiting and he’s really swamped… Find the dealers that are available, find the dealers that have the same similar interests to what you’re collecting."


"Freshly Minted" with online editor Lisa Bellavin closes out this week’s Coin Chat Radio. One topic related was the release of the ‘Railways of the Future’ coin from the Austrian Mint. This coin features the Railjet which provides high-speed service to the Austrians.

Listen to this or prior weeks episodes by going to the Coin Chat Radio website. Current and prior week episodes are also available directly from sites hosting the free Coin Chat Radio player, like the one found in the upper right at Coin Collecting News.

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