Coin Chat Radio: CCAC Member Interview, Krause 2010 Shows


Coin Chat Radio Web site ‘What’s In the News’ with Bob Van Ryzin starts off this week’s episode of Coin Chat Radio with information on the upcoming Lincoln Presidency Cent release from the US Mint. Details about the ceremony, to be held in Washington D.C. on the U.S. Capitol grounds, are given along with the locations of the two additional penny exchanges being offered by the Mint.

Coin design is up next on the program. Numismatic News Editor Dave Harper interviews the newest member of the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC), Michael A. Olson. Olson is a bank president from Pella, Iowa and an active coin collector.


"I started collecting coins back in Waterloo, Iowa as a small boy with the Waterloo Coin Club," replied Olson when he was asked how long he has been a coin collector. "I remember saving my allowance every week. I believe those meetings were once a month and my dad would take me down to the meeting and whatever money I had I spent on coins."


The two spend a few minutes talking about the new dollar coins and Lincoln cents as well as the local public reaction Olson has experienced with them. Olson states he pays for most smaller transactions with dollar coins, something that has resulted in a very positive response.

Talk returns to the CCAC and Harper asks how Olson’s opinion of coin design is shaped.


"I think there would definitely need to be thought put into it," says Olson in explaining his design philosophy. "Especially when we’re looking at something that’s going to commemorate a historical event or person. And certainly the appearance of a coin would be something that would be important, but also, how it’s representing history. Because coins, they represent our history and our future."


Closing out the program is Online Editor Lisa Bellavin and Publisher Scott Tappa with news of the Krause 2010 show schedule. Venues talked about include the 16th Annual Chicago Paper Money Expo and the 35th Chicago International Coin Fair. Also discussed is the cancellation of the 2010 MidAmerica Coin Expo.


"We underwent a pretty rigorous analysis company-wide within the last few months of all the events that we do," responded Tappa when asked why the Coin Expo was suspended. "(we) wanted to insure that we were only doing the ones that made the most sense for our business and for our audience."


For those interested in listening to this or previous episodes, they may be found at, or through the free Coin Chat Radio player hosted on sites like

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