China’s Independence Day Commemorated with 60th Anniversary Coins


On October 1, 2009, the People’s Republic of China is celebrating its 60th anniversary of independence – appropriately with fireworks (which the Chinese invented). China’s status as one of the world’s great financial powers is reflected in the designs of their 60th anniversary coins.

China 60th Anniversary of Independence Commemorative Coins (1oz silver, 5 oz gold)

The 1 oz. .999 fine pure silver coin (100,000 authorized) and 5 oz. .999 fine pure gold coin (600) each features a modern bridge and skyscrapers.

China 60th Anniversary of Independence Commemorative Coins (1 kilo silver and 1 kilo gold)

The 1 kilo pure silver coin (6,000), ¼ oz. pure gold coin (60,000), and 1 kilo pure gold coin (100) each pictures a rocket, satellite, high-speed train and the Beijing Olympic Stadium. The proof coins are produced by Shenzhen Guobao Mint and Shenyang Mint.

The World Gold Council quotes Cai Yanan of Beijing Caibai Gold and Jewelry, saying that local demand for the 60th Anniversary coins, gold in particular, "far exceeds the supply."

Prices start at $99 for the 1 oz. silver coin and $799 for the set of 1 oz. silver coin and ¼ oz. gold coin, and climb to $16,999 for the 5 oz. gold coin. The 1 kilo silver coin is $1,899 and the 1 kilo gold issue is sold out. Every coin comes in the original government packaging with a Certificate of Authenticity.

To order or for further information contact official distributor Panda America at 800-472-6327 or visit their web site

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