Coin Chat Radio: Preventing Numismatic Crime, 2009 Lincoln Cents


Coin Chat Radio Web site Host Bob Van Ryzin discusses the Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set during his segment of ‘What’s In the News’ for the October 29th episode of Coin Chat Radio.

Ryzin talks about the issues the US Mint had with their ordering systems during initial hours of the Lincoln Chronicles release and an apology that the Mint issued over the matter. According to Ryzin, the Mint is searching for a new Chief Information Officer to oversee an upgrade to their online systems.

Doug Davis, Founder and President of the Numismatic Crime Information Center (NCIC), is interviewed by Editorial Director Debbie Bradley on the ‘Industry Insider’ segment. The recent theft of coin dealer Julian Leidman’s collection from his car after the Coinfest show in Connecticut has the two discussing ways to prevent such things from happening to other coin dealers and collectors.


"I think there’s several things that dealers and collectors both should be thinking about," said NCIC founder Doug Davis. "Whether you’re a dealer or a collector, if you’re going to a show, we’re all either carrying… probably carrying money, we’re carrying inventory. And that right in itself tends to make you a target and prey of criminals."

"You don’t want to make it a habit of letting everybody know where you’re going and when you’re going," continues Davis on ways to prevent coin theft. "You never want to give people your itineraries unless it’s people that need to know. You also need to be suspicious of any distractions such as if you’re in a crowd of people and somebody has a heart attack or, you know there’s a fight going on…"


Davis goes on giving ideas on things to avoid in order to keep you and your property safe. One of his biggest tips is to travel with someone else to act as another set of eyes for your property.

The Buffalo bullion coin as well as the proof version are discussed next by Julian Jarvis and Numismatic News Editor Dave Harper. Jarvis explains that the premium on older Buffalo bullion coins has decreased some. At one point, he was getting a premium of $125 an ounce and now it is in the vicinity of $60-$70 an ounce, similar to the new 2009 Buffalos.

Talk then turns to the state and territorial quarters and the new Lincoln cents this year. Jarvis said that when the territorial quarters first started this year, he had issues obtaining the numbers he wanted. This seems to have eased lately. Also, demand is expected to be strong for the final 2009 Lincoln penny.


"Well, we have a lot of people waiting on them," states Jarvis when asked about the last 2009 Lincoln Cent to be issued in November.


Jarvis thinks that if more of the new pennies were in circulation the demand would be even higher. He also feels that the 2008 Lincoln cents are difficult to find now and could be worth keeping an eye on.

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