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June 30: Four numismatic news or coin blog articles are referenced on CoinNews every Tuesday and Thursday. These articles are not authored by us, but we recommend coin collectors read them for their unusual or interesting content. Here are today’s coin articles:

10 Budget Picks
Mike Thorne | Coins Magazine

When faced with the assignment to pick 10 (or more) great coins that retail for $100 or less, I have at least two big problems: First, how do I limit my list to just 10 coins? Second, and this is often the bigger problem, how do I keep myself from trying to buy all the coins I’ve talked about?…

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Roosevelt dimes unsung
Al Doyle | Coin Values

If a U.S. coin series had to be picked as the biggest laggard in the market, Roosevelt dimes would rank among the top candidates. First struck in 1946, the design comes across as bland when compared to the much more artistic Winged Liberty Head dime of 1916 to 1945. Add in the coin’s small size and secondary status as pocket change in the 21st century, and the climate created does nothing to attract collectors…

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Coin Pricing Guides
Laura Sperber | Legend Numismatics, Inc.

Recently we had a very rare coin for sale. The CDN (gray sheet WHOLESALE bid/ask) on the coin was $121,000/$131,000.00. We were offered $130,000.00 for the coin by a collector. Sounds reasonable-but it was far from what the coin was worth. The collector had no other information to go on. We missed placing the coin with him, and he most likely will never buy one because they all will be too expensive…

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Reports slow for doubled DC
Ken Potter | Numismatic News

In my last installment of this series on doubled die finds on the District of Columbia quarters, I reported that Rick LaJoie of New Hampshire had spotted three new varieties on the Philadelphia issue. This brought us up to one variety for the Denver issue and six for Philadelphia. Now LaJoie has found one other for our Philadelphia listings plus a couple other interesting aberrations for the issue…

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