Last 2009 Lincoln Cents in US Mint Online Subscription Program


The remaining two redesigned 2009 Lincoln Cents will be available Wednesday through the US Mint Online Subscription Program, the Mint announced in a press statement.

2009 Lincoln Pennies: Professional Life and Presidency Designs

A subscription provides the same $8.95 two-roll set pricing and five-set limit per coin design as that of first two cent offerings. However, subscribing to receive the third Lincoln Professional Life cent and fourth Lincoln Presidency cent can eliminate the initial launch hassles and long wait ordering times — as many collectors experienced first hand with the Lincoln Formative Years penny release on May 14.

A subscription can also guarantees delivery without fears of experiencing a sellout, as happened to many collectors with the first Lincoln Birthplace cent.


"The United States Mint Online Subscription Program is an easy way for you to stay current on some of your favorite products," the Mint web site describes.

"This program is structured much like a magazine subscription. Sign up once and we will send your chosen subscription product to you as it becomes available."


Each two-roll set contains one roll of 50 coins for the United States Mint at Philadelphia and one roll of 50 coins for the United States Mint at Denver. The rolls are packaged in specially designed paper coin wrap displaying the mint of origin, the year and the face value of its contents.

Rolls of the Lincoln Professional cent will be released August 13. The last redesigned Lincoln Presidency cent is scheduled to launch in November.

The Mint said it would not add previous releases into the subscription program. The first penny rolls sold out within two weeks. The newest penny is still available from the Mint. For reference, the table below has the US Mint sales figures (up to June 21) for these two coins.

US Mint Sales Figures for 2009 Lincoln Cents (Two-roll sets)

Birthplace Cent (sold out) 96,000
Formative Years Cent 267,530

US Mint coin information page: Lincoln Cent Two-Roll Sets
Current eBay auctions: 2009 Lincoln Birthplace Cents

For more on the Mint’s program or to place orders, visit the online page: US Mint Subscription.

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