US Mint Online Subscription Program Expanded


US Mint Online Subscription Program ProductionsFour current coin products will be added to the United States Mint Online Subscription Program on Thursday, July 23, the US Mint announced earlier this week in a press statement.

The program works similar to a magazine subscription and, in fact, is described that way.


"Sign up once and we will send your chosen subscription product to you as it becomes available," the US Mint states on its web site. "Beginning with the day after you sign up for the subscription program, you will receive the next product released in the subscription series."


The four product additions include:

Native American $1 Coin
Roll (P&D)
Kennedy Half-Dollar
Two-Roll Set
Kennedy Half-Dollar
200-Coin Bag
Presidential $1 Coin
Uncirculated Set

The US Mint Online Subscription Program was launched in 2001. The last expansion occurred in June when 2009 Lincoln cent subscriptions were included.

In the same statement, the Mint said the enrolling process has been simplified and that it will continue to send 30-day notifications of pending subscription charges. Credit cards are not charged until an item is shipped.

To view the wide range of products offered in the program, visit the Mint subscription page here.

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