2009 Silver Eagle Bullion Coins Pass 12 Million in Sales


American Eagle Silver Uncirculated coin 2009 American Eagle Silver Bullion Coin sales blazed passed the 12 million barrier this week and approached 1 million sold during the first eleven days in June, the latest US Mint sales figures reveal.

The Mint’s authorized dealers purchased 377,000 silver eagles during the first eight days in June (ending Monday). By Wednesday the tally more than doubled to 777,000 sold. The figure then jumped to 930,000 on Thursday, bringing the year-to-date total to a record setting pace of 12,509,500.

The current selling velocity will rocket June past the 1.9 million eagles sold in May — a month with high numbers but surprisingly ranking second from the bottom for silver bullion coin sales this year. That is how great 2009 has been for silver coins.

2008 was a giant year for the series with 19,583,500 of the eagles purchased. Unless there is a turnaround, 2009 could make last year’s record performance seem relatively tiny by comparison.

The latest figures up through Thursday:

2009 Silver Eagle Bullion Coins
  January February March April May June
1 oz 1,900,000 2,125,000 3,132,000 2,518,000 1,904,500 930,000

The US Mint still has not indicated when the production of the proof and uncirculated versions will begin. These collector eagles were suspended earlier in the year due to "unprecedented demand" for the bullion coins and the resulting lack of silver coin blanks.

As a side note, gold eagle bullion coins have climbed as well this week. June figures increased from 15,500 on Monday to 43,000 on Thursday. The series registered the 5th best May ever last month.

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mr blue

looks like proof and w mint silver eagles will have low mintages.