2009 $2 Single Notes: Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Cleveland and Dallas


2009 $2 Single Note Collection - First Installment

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) has launched the first installment of 2009 $2 Single Notes featuring crisp banknotes representative of Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Cleveland and Dallas. The price for each is $7.95.

A single note subscription program is also available where the BEP’s entire collection of 10 Federal Reserve Bank notes may be purchased for $79.50. (Notes not yet released are shipped when available.)

To place orders, collectors may visit the BEP online page 2009 $2 Single Note Collection – First Installment. Once there, customers are directed to download a PDF order form, complete the purchase information, and then e-mail (moneyfactory.sales@bep.treas.gov) or fax (1-888-891-7585) the order to the BEP. Orders may also be placed by phone at 1-800-456-3408.

$2 singles are extremely popular with collectors. Each of the 2008 notes sold out within hours of availability. New this year is the subscription program and the two installments options. Last year each note was sold separately and at different times.

The collector’s $2 single note features:

  • Crisp, uncirculated Series 2003A
  • Serial number beginning with “2009xxxxD”
  • Designation from the appropriate Federal Reserve Bank
  • Protected by a clear, acid-free polymer sleeve
  • Housed within a 2009 commemorative folder

There is a household limit of 100 notes per household per bank designation in place for the first 14 days. If 2009 trends anything like 2008, all notes will easily be sold before the limit can be lifted. According to the BEP, bulk pricing is available on orders of 50 or more notes.

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