Numismatic News Headlines – Apr 9


Four numismatic news or coin blog articles are referenced on CoinNews every Tuesday and Thursday. These articles are not authored by us, but we recommend coin collectors read them for their unusual or interesting content. Here are today’s articles:

Sound Determines if Coins are Sound
By Richard Giedroyc | World Coin News

It has been pointed out in the “Around the World” column in the past that with coins increasingly replacing low denomination bank notes in circulation there has been a renewed interest in counterfeiting circulating coinage worldwide. The call to arms now includes recruiting Mototsugu Suzuki, a Japanese scientist with a doctorate in applied physics from Osaka University, who has recently developed a new counterfeit coin detection method for the Yomiuri Metropolitan Police Department…

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Why Are Some Rare Coins Undervalued?
Doug Winter | via CoinLink

Why are some coins clearly undervalued? I could answer this question existentially and say "because some have to be." But the answer to this question is worth a little more exploration. Here are some things to consider about the valuations of coins…

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One bullion we don’t need
Buzz with Dave Harper | Numismatic News

Montana’s two senators want the United States to begin striking bullion coins out of palladium. They introduced legislation in early April calling for a .995 fine one-ounce coin…

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Fake £1 coin estimate ‘doubled’
By Ben Ando | BBC News

The number of fake pound coins in circulation may be twice Royal Mint estimates, the BBC has learned. Official figures suggest around 2.5% – or one in 40 – are copies, but coin testing companies say it is one in 20. Andy Brown of Willings, a firm which makes machines to check coins for other businesses and organisations, says there could be 73 million fake coins.

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