Ponterio & Associates to Present Nearly 3,000 World Coin and Currency Lots


Ponterio & Associates, Inc., as the Official Auctioneer of the Chicago International Coin Fair in late April, will feature an exceptional 1925 Poland Second Republic 5 Zlotych, Ex. Farouk Collection, plus two outstanding International Banknote Collections.

Ponterio & Associates, Inc.IRVINE, Calif. – Ponterio & Associates, Inc., a division of Bowers and Merena Auctions, returns to Chicago to present the Official Auction of the Chicago International Coin Fair (C.I.C.F.), April 23-25, 2009, at the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare in Rosemont, Ill.

The auction of close to 3,000 lots will offer an exceptional selection of world coins and currency that spans the globe, including lots from Russia, China, Mexico, Cuba, Australia, Latin America, and more.

Lot viewing is scheduled for Thursday, April 23, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Friday and Saturday, April 24-25, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The auction will take place in four sessions: two sessions on Friday, April 24, starting at 1 p.m. and 6 p.m.; and two sessions on Saturday, April 25, starting at 1 p.m. and 6 p.m. (All times Central Daylight Time.) Complete auction information and catalog are available online at www.bowersandmerena.com or by calling 800.458.4646 U.S. and +1 949.253.0916 outside the U.S.

The auction will feature a number of important collections and standout highlights that are sure to draw the attention of collectors of all interests. Topping the list is lot 2515, Poland Second Republic, 5 Zlotych, Adoption of the New Constitution, Pattern Struck in Gold, 1925 Arrow Mint Mark at Right Side of Date, Warsaw Mint, Y#17.3a.

1925 Poland Second Republic 5 Zlotych

According to the Parchimowicz catalog of Polish coins, there were a total of no more than four Constitution 5 Zlotych stuck in gold, comprised of three different varieties, including this 81 Pearl.

This piece is of the highest rarity and utmost importance with an impeccable and impressive pedigree that includes "The King Farouk Collection" and "The Alicia and Sid Belzberg Collection," and is purported to be the only gold Constitution in private hands.  

The auction is also highlighted by two standout banknote collections. "The J.S. Morgan Collection of Early Russian Banknotes" covers approximately 100 years and features early 19th to early 20th century banknotes.

Of special interest is lot 1056, Russia/Imperial, 25 Rubles, 1843, P-A38, Specimen. State Credit Note, Original Documentation Included, About Uncirculated, Extremely Fine. This 25 Rubles note is an unlisted item in the SCWPM and finding another example at a public offering will likely be far too long for any collector to wait. This piece shows with a distinctive appeal exhibiting the vertical format which highlights the long specimen overprint.

Already a spotlight collection for Bowers and Merena Auctions, "The East Bay Collection of International Banknotes" is sure to draw the interest of banknote enthusiasts worldwide in this Ponterio & Associates Chicago auction.

"The East Bay Collection" is believed to be the largest collection of international banknotes ever to come to market. Assembled over the course of 40 years by a private collector in Northern California, it originally consisted of more than 30,000 notes representative of over 150 countries.

The collection debuted in Bowers and Merena’s October 2008 New York auction with Chinese and related Asian banknotes and Russian and European banknotes. A special highlight in this C.I.C.F. auction is lot 39, Australia, 5 Pounds, 1913, P-5a, Commonwealth of Australia, Fine.

Commonwealth of Australia 1913 5 Pound Note

The note is signed Collins and Allen and is an early issue that is hard to obtain in any grade. 


"We are very pleased to be able to bring such an outstanding selection to our annual Chicago auction, with such strong coin and currency offerings," said Richard Ponterio, executive vice president of Ponterio & Associates.

"We have lots in this auction for all interests and all levels of collector, and some truly exceptional highlights that will surely draw attention from bidders worldwide." 


Coin highlights include:

Lot 2140 Caligula & Germanicus, 37-41 A.D. AV Aureus (7.62 gms, Rome Mint ca. 37-38 A.D.), RIC-17; Calico-121; Cohen-1.

Lot 2191 Brazil. 12,800 Reis (Dobra). 1730-M. Joao V (1706-1750). Fr-55. Gomes-139.05. KM-139. LDMB-286.

Lot 2221 China. 20 Cents. 1912. 23.35 mm, 8.48 gms. Ma-1026. Kann-1551. Pattern Struck in Gold.

Lot 2376 Martinique. 22 Livres (11.67gms). No Date (ca.1802). Fr-2. KM-36; Prid-Fig-22; Gordon-Variety A Punch.

Lot 2761 China. 1/10 Dollar (10 Cents). No Date (1910). Pattern Struck in Silver. KM-Pn250. K-222. MA-27.

Lot 2790 China. Kiangnan. 7 Mace 2 Candareens (Dollar). CD 1904. Y-145a.15. MA-259.

Lot 2838 Ecuador. 8 Reales. 1846-GJ. KM-32. Y-12. Seppa-EC-70. Carr-63. El-1. Mintage of only 1,386 pieces. Rare.

Lot 2891 GOLD COAST. 1 Ackey. 1818. KM-9. Vice-3. (Ex. Millennia Collection).

Lot 3224 Mexico, Zacatecas. 8 Reales 1836 Zs OM. "REPBLICA" spelling error instead of "REPUBLICA." Extremely  rare and thus far unpublished spelling error. 

Currency highlights include:

Lot 39  Australia. 5 Pounds, 1913. P-5a. Commonwealth of Australia. Fine. (From the East Bay Collection.)

Lot 52  Australia. 2 Shillings & 6 Pence, 18xx. P-NL. Pick unlisted. Hobart Town in Van Diemen’s Land. Fine.  (From the East Bay Collection)

Lot 293 China/Foreign Banks. Russo-Asiatic Bank. 100 Dollars, (ND) 1910. P-S466. Harbin Branch. Choice Uncirculated.

Lot 295 China/Foreign Banks. Russo-Asiatic Bank. 500 Dollars, (ND) 1910. P-S467. Harbin Branch. Choice Uncirculated.

Lot 462 Cuba. 1,000 Pesos, 1944. P-76a. This is a rare issued Silver Certificate note, only priced to Fine in the SCWPM. PMG about uncirculated 55.

Lot 870 Mexico. 50 Centavos-1000 Pesos, 18xx. P-S312s-S-319As. Specimens. Banco de Jalisco. Magnificent set showcasing a previously unknown 1,000 pesos note. Uncirculated.

Lot 1014 Panama. 1, 5, 10 & 20 Balboas, 1941. P-22-25. An Amazing Rarely Seen set. Very Fine. About Uncirculated.

Lot 1056 Russia/Imperial. 25 Rubles, 1843. P-A38. Specimen. State Credit Note. Original Documentation Included. About Uncirculated. Extremely Fine. (From the J.S. Morgan Collection of Early Russian Banknotes)

Lot 1057 Russia/Imperial. 50 Rubles, 1843. P-A39. Specimen. State Credit Note. Original Documentation Included. About Uncirculated. Extremely Fine. (From the J.S. Morgan Collection of Early Russian Banknotes)

Lot 1067 Russia/Imperial. 100 Rubles, 1882. P-A53. State Credit Note. Very Fine. (From the J.S. Morgan Collection of  Early Russian Banknotes)

Lot 1159 Russia/ East Siberia. 5,000 Rubles, 1920. P-S1194b. Siberian Provisional Administration. Very Fine. (From the J.S. Morgan Collection of Early Russian Banknotes)

Lot 1427 Zanzibar. 5 Rupees, 1.8.1916. P-2. Very Fine. Only seven known notes of this type. (From the East Bay Collection.)

All lots and images in the Ponterio & Associates Official Auction of the Chicago International Coin Fair can be viewed online at www.bowersandmerena.com, and printed catalogs are available upon request by calling 800.458.4646.

Bidding is open now and pre-auction bids are welcome at www.bowersandmerena.com; by e-mail at auction@bowersandmerena.com; by phone at 800.458.4646 U.S. and +1 949.253.0916 outside the U.S.; by fax at +1 949.253.4091; and by postal mail addressed to Bowers and Merena, Baltimore March 2009, 18061 Fitch, Irvine, CA, USA, 92614.

Interested bidders are also encouraged to view lots and bid in-person at the live auction in Chicago April 23-25, or live online through the Bowers and Merena website. A complete auction and lot viewing schedule is available at www.bowersandmerena.com

About Bowers and Merena Auctions

Bowers and Merena Auctions was founded in 1983 and has grown to become the world’s preeminent numismatic auctioneer with more than half a billion dollars in rare coin and currency sales. They have been awarded the prestigious honor of Official Auctioneer for the 2009 American Numismatic Association Conventions in Portland and Los Angeles, in addition to their continued service as Official Auctioneer of the Baltimore Coin and Currency Conventions three times every year.

Bowers and Merena has handled four of the five most valuable United States coin collections ever sold, including the Louis E. Eliasberg Sr. Collection, the Harry W. Bass Jr. Collection, the Garrett Collection for The Johns Hopkins University, and the Norweb Collection. Bowers and Merena Rare Coin Galleries offers direct buying and selling of exceptional quality gold and silver rare coins. 

About Ponterio & Associates, Inc.

Ponterio & Associates, Inc., was founded in 1982 by renowned specialist in world and ancient numismatics, Richard Ponterio. The company was acquired by Bowers and Merena Auctions in 2008, creating an auction powerhouse that covers the collecting interests of U.S. and international coin and currency enthusiasts. Annual Ponterio auctions include the Official Auction of the Chicago International Coin Fair and the New York International Numismatic Convention.

For more information about Ponterio & Associates Official Auction of the Chicago International Coin Fair in late April, call 800.458.4646 U.S. and +1 949.253.0916 outside the U.S.  For media inquiries, ask for executive vice president Richard Ponterio. Complete prices realized for all past auctions are available at www.bowersandmerena.com.

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Coin Collector

Will the sale results be reported?

Thor H. Asgardson

I have a AR Denier of William X of Aquitane, and cannot find any reference to a valuation for this piece.

It is a pedigreed coin from the holdings of the renowned numismatist, Joseph Ernest Lang of Santa Rosa.

Can you help?

Thor H. Asgardson

Kindly remove my information from the Internet. Thank you.