Lincoln Bicentennial Dollar, Lincoln Cent & UHR Sales Figures – Mar 26


US Mint Sales Figures ImageIn this week’s reported US Mint figures, Lincoln Silver Dollar sales sprinted toward the finish as one coin sold out, sales of Lincoln Birthplace penny rolls were hopping mad, and Ultra High Relief (UHR) Eagle Gold coins picked up steam. To the numbers…

The Uncirculated Lincoln Silver Dollar sold out Tuesday. Orders may still be placed, but the chance for any to go through is based solely on an older order being cancelled. The latest Mint stats show a total of 135,793 have been sold, with an increase of 8,830 over the last numbers.

Sales of the proof Lincoln version will end soon. As of this writing, there are likely just hundreds left. 312,075 have been purchased. With both silver and proof options combined, 447,868 are now gone. Only 450,000 are permitted, plus another 50,000 proofs reserved for a special set yet to be announced.

That leaves 2,132 coins left to buy from the Mint, with many in that number probably already gone. The near complete sell out timing couldn’t have been more perfect, with the new Louis Braille Silver Dollars just launched.

The US Mint two-roll sets containing the Lincoln birthplace pennies are sizzling along. Each roll contains 50 coins for a total face value of $1 for the set. An amazing 97,149 sets have been sold for $8.95 each. Not counting the shipping and handling charges, that’s nearly $870,000 taken in by the Mint!

[Editor’s update: The Mint removed the waiting list option Thursday afternoon for the uncirculated Lincoln Silver Dollar. The proof version has a waiting list as of Friday morning. The Lincoln birthplace penny rolls sold out Thursday afternoon. See Lincoln Silver Dollars and Cent Rolls Sell Out.]

Finally, sales of the UHR $20 gold coins are up (again) by 3.4 percent compared to the 2.5 percent increase in the last report.

Here are the latest US Mint sales figures for each coin:

US Mint Sales Figure Tables

(Sales figures compare March, Week 3 to Week 4)

2009 Ultra High Relief Double Eagle Gold Coin

Old Sales
New Sales
Unit Change
% Increase
1 ounce 53,672 55,513 1,841 3.4%

US Mint coin information page: 2009 Ultra High Relief Double Eagle Gold Coin
Current eBay auctions: 2009 UHR $20 Gold Coins

Lincoln Silver Dollars

Old Sales
New Sales
Unit Change
% Increase
Proof 296,488 312,075 15,587 5.3%
Uncirculated 126,963 135,793 8,830 7.0%

US Mint coin information page: Commemorative Coins
Current eBay auctions: Lincoln Silver Dollar Uncirculated

Lincoln Cent (Two-roll set)

Old Sales
New Sales
Unit Change
% Increase
US Mint coin information page: Lincoln Cent Two-Roll Sets

The CoinNews collector tool page Mint Price Guide has been updated with the latest prices, coin premiums over bullion spots, and Mint sales figures.

The last reported sales figures are located at Lincoln Silver Dollar, Lincoln Cent & UHR Eagle Sales Figures – Mar 19. NumisMaster has an image of all US Mint coin sales here.

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