Lincoln Silver Dollar, Lincoln Cent & UHR Eagle Sales Figures – Mar 19


US Mint Sales Figures Image Lincoln Silver Dollar sales are still vigorous, the pace of Ultra High Relief (UHR) Eagle Gold coins picked up gently, and sales of the newly offered Lincoln Birthplace Cent are on fire.

Now is REALLY the time to purchase a Lincoln Bicentennial Dollar for those who have any interest and have waited. Total sales are up to 423,451, with nearly 43,000 more sold since the last report. The US Mint has a limit of 450,000, and an additional 50,000 reserved for a special yet to be announced set. It is extremely likely the available coins will sell out very shortly.

On the penny side of Lincolns, the new two-roll sets containing the Lincoln birthplace coins have been on fire. They only went on sale last Friday, March 13, and an already impressive 63,722 have been sold.

Finally, sales of the Ultra High Relief gold coins picked up ever so gently. They are up 2.5 percent compared to the last report, which had a 1.9 percent increase.

Here are the latest US Mint sales figures for each coin:

US Mint Sales Figure Tables

(Sales figures compare March, Week 2 to Week 3)

2009 Ultra High Relief Double Eagle Gold Coin

Old Sales
New Sales
Unit Change
% Increase
1 ounce
US Mint coin information page: 2009 Ultra High Relief Double Eagle Gold Coin

Lincoln Silver Dollars

Old Sales
New Sales
Unit Change
% Increase
US Mint coin information page: Commemorative Coins

Lincoln Cent (Two-roll set)

Old Sales
New Sales
Unit Change
% Increase
US Mint coin information page: Lincoln Cent Two-Roll Sets

The CoinNews collector tool page Mint Price Guide has been updated with the latest prices, coin premiums over bullion spots, and Mint sales figures.

The last reported sales figures are located at Lincoln Dollar & UHR Eagle Sales Figures, Mar 12. NumisMaster has an image of all US Mint coin sales here.

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Hiroshi Osaka

I bought one UHR 2009 from the U.S. Mint, another two on eBay. One of them is slabbed PCGS First Strike MS70. As I lined them next to each other, I can clearly see the differences in quality. The slabbed First Strike MS70 is definitely much crispier and proof-like, because this one was struck when the die was still new and sharp. The U.S.Mint has struck about 53,000 coins; so the die is probably eroded by now. My bet is only the First Strike MS70 will significantly appreciate in value in the near future. From now on, I will buy… Read more »