Theodore Roosevelt Depicted on Circulating Quarters in 2010?


President Theodore Roosevelt and John MuirConsider replacing George Washington’s portrait on U.S. quarters with an image of Theodore Roosevelt, members of the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee unanimously recommended in their Jan. 27 meeting, according to Numismatic News.

Information about the National Park Quarters has been minimal, as should be expected for much of 2009 given the United States Mint will not begin issuing the quarters until 2010.

However, the first five quarter designs will be completed this year in preparation for their release next year. And the CCAC, which advises the Secretary of the Treasury on designs for coinage, has already made their first recommendation for the series.

Read the full article: Roosevelt to replace Washington on Quarters? on National Park Quarters.

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Brian Adams

Theodore Roosevelt was just a administrator to the National Parks being established and protected by law but it never would have come to any good had it not been for the visions of two great men besides Washington and Roosevelt and these two are: my great-great grandfather Ansel Adams and John Muir. I would let Roosevelt have his own quarter and design a Washington quarter with both Adams and Muir in mind.