Numismatic News and Blog Headlines – Dec 9, 2008


Four numismatic articles are referenced on CoinNews every Tuesday and Thursday. These articles are not authored by us, but we recommend collectors read them for their unusual or interesting content. Here are today’s articles:

Sacagawea dollar leaves nine-year numismatic legacy
By Paul Gilkes, COIN WORLD

If you’ve been collecting every possible version of the Sacagawea manganese-brass clad dollar since its January 2000 introduction, you’ve likely already shelled out a few thousand dollars. Should you plan to start to assemble a complete set of each issue by date, Mint mark and finish – excluding errors – in this, the program’s final year, you would likely end up spending thousands more. Such an assemblage of dollar coins would contain 47 coins.

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Canadian Piggy Banks and Coin Jars Holding Almost $2B, Coin Sorting Firm Says
By Sean McKibbon, CEP News

Looking for a little extra boost to your holiday shopping budget? You might want to check your coin jar. The average Canadian household has $140 sitting around in idle change, according to estimates by Coinstar…

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Many Choices Reduce Proof Set Sales Totals
By Dave Harper, Numismatic News

I bought my first proof set from the Mint when the 1969 issue was put on sale by the U.S. Mint Nov. 1, 1968. The set sold out in just six days. Wow. What an exciting way to be introduced to new issues. That exhilaration seems to be shared by each generation of collectors…

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Panama Issues Breast Cancer Awareness Coins
By Big Ideas, Little World with Tom Michael, Numismatic News

In October Panama released their 2008 Breast Cancer Awareness bookmark.jpgcoins at a special reception hosted by the First Lady. The three issues are very similar to the Canadian types struck two years ago. In fact, the Royal Canadian Mint struck these coins for Panama and used some of the same special packaging they used on their own coin

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