Bald Eagle Commemorative Coin Sales End Friday


Time is running out to order 2008 Bald Eagle Commemorative Coins, the United States Mint reminded collectors in a notice Wednesday. Sales for all options end Friday, December 12, at 5 p.m. (ET).

2008 American Bald Eagle Recovery and National Emblem Commemorative Coin Program Shown are the initial designs and final coins. (United States Mint images)

All three legal tender coins (gold, silver & clad) celebrate the successful recovery and restoration of the Bald Eagle to America’s skies and the upcoming 35th Anniversary of the Endangered Species Act on December 28.

Surcharges payments of $35 per gold piece, $10 per silver coin, and $3 for each clad commemorative are made to the American Eagle Foundation (AEF), which is not-for-profit dedicated to protecting the majestic Bald Eagle and its habitat.


"This is the last chance for collectors and investors to order these popular and beautiful precious metal coins from the federal government," said AEF president Al Cecere. "After December 12th, they’ll only be available from coin dealers and shopping networks at much higher prices."


The maximum mintage for all Bald Eagle Commemorative Coin options, including sets, is limited to 100,000 $5 gold coins, 500,000 silver dollar coins and 750,000 clad half-dollars, with no order limits in place.

Pricing for available Mint products that include Bald Eagle Commemorative Coins and the latest Mint sales figures from the first week of December follow:

Proof $5 Gold Coin
Uncirculated $5 Gold Coin
Proof Silver Dollar
Uncirculated Silver Dollar
Proof Clad Half-Dollar
Uncirculated Clad Half-Dollar
Coin and Medal Set
American Legacy Collection

The Bald Eagle Three-Coin Proof Set and the Young Collector’s Set are no longer available. The sales figures for each are 22,757 and 27,275 respectively.

The coins are available online through the U.S. Mint page Commemorative Coins.

The gold, silver and clad coins have the following specifications:

Bald Eagle $5 Gold Coins

Weight: 8.359 grams nominal
Diameter: 0.850 inches (± 0.003 inches)
Composition: 90% gold, 10% alloy
Mintage Limit: 100,000 (across all product options)

Bald Eagle Silver Dollars

Weight: 26.730 grams nominal
Diameter: 1.500 inches (± 0.003 inches)
Composition: 90% silver, 10% alloy
Mintage Limit: 500,000 (across all product options)

Bald Eagle Half-dollars

Weight: 11.340 grams (± 0.454)
Diameter: 1.205 inches (± 0.002 inches)
Composition: 8.33% nickel, balance copper
Mintage Limit: 750,000 (across all product options)

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