Price Increases for Bald Eagle Commemorative Coins


The pre-issue or introductory prices for the Bald Eagle Commemorative Coins end tomorrow, Feb. 14, at 5:00 pm (ET). While it will be easier to overlook the coming price differences for the 50c clad and $1 silver Bald Eagle coins, the gold version price changes will likely catch your eye.

2008 Bald Eagle Commemorative Coins will see a price increase on Feb. 14 at 5 pm (ET). (United States Mint images)

Bald Eagle Commemorative Coin Prices

Intro Price
Normal Price
Price Difference
50c Proof Clad
50c Uncirculated Clad
$1 Proof Silver
$1 Uncirculated Silver
$5 Proof Gold
$5 Uncirculated Gold

There is an order limit 100 coins per household.

In addition to the above Bald Eagle coins, the Mint also offers the commemoratives within sets. The product pricing for these remain the same and are:

Coins Included
Household Limit/Product Limit
Three-Coin Proof Set
Proof of $1 Silver, $5 Gold and 50c Clad
Young Collector’s Set
Unc. 50c Clad and content designed for children

NA/Offered only until April 15, 2008

Coin and Medal Set
Unc. $1 Silver and Bronze Bald Eagle Medal


*The latest Mint sales figures show the three-coin proof set fast approaching sellout.


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Llama Money

They are some gorgeous coins, but I’m not sure I’d pay such a high premium for them, compared to regular Silver Eagle or Gold Eagle coins. I don’t like them that much I guess 🙂