NGC Next Generation and EdgeView® Holders Begin Wide-Scale Use


Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) said it will begin using its latest generation coin holder, featuring enhanced security features, on a wide-scale basis starting Wednesday. It will also discontinue use of its previous generation holder immediately "in order to maintain turnaround times."

NGC said its new exterior holder and new label will be used for all submissions. The EdgeView® Holder, however, is to be used only for US Walkthrough and US Express tier submissions and all World tier submissions until its full-scale release in early 2009.


"Our service commitment is to encapsulate coins in the most secure holder, made from the best materials available," comments NGC CEO, Steve Eichenbaum.

"This iterative release schedule allows us to expand the availability of the best holder in the most expedient and responsible way," continues Eichenbaum.


NGC announced is newest holder at this year’s ANA World’s Fair of Money® in Baltimore, and began using them for "selected Word coin and Walkthrough submissions" since late-August.

The most significant visible improvement is NGC’s EdgeView® design that suspends a certified coin within prongs, much like a ring holds a diamond. The new technology enables clear viewing of the encased coin’s edge. In the initial NGC announcement, Eichenbaum commented,


"Our newest holder satisfies NGC’s combined objectives of exceptional visual display, security and long-term preservation.

To achieve this, we relied on technology that quite simply did not exist when the last generation of our holder was released in 2001. It is without question the most extensively tested and technologically advanced coin holder ever created."


Several of the security and preservation features promoted for the new holders include:

  • A high-security label with micro printing, UV-light responsive watermarking and holographic layer
  • Directional pressure welding seal
  • A second state-of-the-art hologram fused directly onto the back of the holder, which is "virtually impossible to reproduce"

For more information and photos of the NGC’s newest generation holder, visit

About Numismatic Guaranty Corporation

The Numismatic Guaranty Corporation was founded in 1987, and for coin grading, its opening heralded the introduction of a new standard of integrity. From the beginning NGC focused on only one objective, a standard of consistent and accurate grading.

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