DGS Authenticates & Grades Rare Lafayette Dollar Variety


Duvall 4-E Variety is Just the Second Reported Specimen

Virginia Beach, VA. The graders at Dominion Grading Service are excited to announce that they have certified the second known example of this very rare variety. The Duvall 4-E variety was thought to be unique until the discovery of this coin, which has been graded AU58 Cleaned by DGS.

1900 $1 Lafayette Duvall 4-E Variety

According to John Feigenbaum, President of DGS, the coin has "the initial appearance of a mint state coin but the luster is almost too nice and lacks the frosty surfaces of a true mint state. The coin has virtually no wear and has been very lightly cleaned to show evidence of wipe lines upon close examination in proper lighting. The only significant mark on either side of the coin is a 3 mm scratch on Washington’s cheek. Without the mishandling, this coin might have otherwise graded MS63."

Feigenbaum continued to say that "this coin is the perfect example of the kind of collector rarity that we pride ourselves at DGS. Because the coin is lightly cleaned, some of the other grading services wouldn’t even examine the coin for variety. At DGS, we appreciate that many great coins may not be pristine, but still benefit from certification. Our affiliation with David Lawrence Rare Coins and DLRC Auctions also gives clients the opportunity to submit the coins and then bring them directly to market. In the case of the 4-E, the client intends to do just that. No other leading firm can offer that full-service experience in house."

The Duvall 4-E Variety

1900 $1 Lafayette Duvall 4-E Variety, reverse and closeupThe Duvall 4-E variety is distinctive because of the unique positioning of the olive branch on the reverse. The right side of the branch terminates over the numeral 9 of 1900. All other known varieties see this branch end over the right side of the first 0 in 1900. Prior to the appearance of this coin, the existence of Duvall 4-E was thought to be unique.

The only other known Lafayette dollar of this die variety was sold in August 2007 by Heritage Numismatic Auctions as part of their Signature ANA Auction. (Lot 2090). It was graded MS60 by ANACS and realized $18,400 to a phone bidder. According to the Heritage lot description, that coin was "well struck with dusky chestnut, aqua, and plum-mauve patina. Both sides unusually free from marks, particularly on the portraits." Based on the description of marks, these are clearly not the same coin.

About DGS

DGS is a third-party grading service founded in April 2008. DGS offers a number of unique features including AuthentiView ™ and online Visual Population Report of every coin certified with a value over $100. Grading is conservative and accurate and problem coins (cleaned, scratch, etc) are certified with description listed on the holder. A limited number of 2000-D Virginia Statehood quarters are being made for sample purposes. To request a sample DGS slab, please email service@dominiongrading.com, or call 1-800-277-2646.

Submitters are encouraged to visit the company web site at www.dominiongrading.com for answers to most questions, as well as online submission forms. You may call Dominion customer service toll-free at (800) 277-2646, or via email at service@dominiongrading.com.

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