Dominion Grading Service Certifies & Grades Rare Gold


Virginia Beach, VA. The graders at Dominion Grading Service were very excited to receive some high powered submissions lately, including five numismatic gold rarities.

Dominion Grading Service Certified Rare Coins

These rarities, and their final grades are:

  • 1879 Flowing Hair $4 DGS Proof 62 (Altered Surfaces)
  • 1795 $5 Small Eagle DGS AU50 (Altered Surfaces, Tooled)
  • 1795 $10 DGS AU50 (Lightly Cleaned, Tooled, Rim Damage)
  • 1920‐S $10 DGS MS62 (Cleaned, Environmental Damage)
  • 1921 $20 DGS AU53 (Reverse Scratches)

Senior grader Mike Ellis says "The more coins we get out there in DGS holders the more the numismatic community is learning to appreciate the value we offer. All five of these coins are rare and valuable, albeit some with minor problems and cleaning."

Ellis continues, "We feel that collectors need to know the degree of severity of such problems
as well as the specific problems — so they can make an informed and accurate determination of value. When clients submit these kinds of coins for authentication and grading, we know we are doing things right."

About DGS

DGS is a third-party grading service founded in April 2008. DGS offers a number of unique features including AuthentiView ™ and online Visual Population Report of every coin certified with a value over $100.

Grading is conservative and accurate and problem coins (cleaned, scratch, etc.) are certified with description and a grade listed on the holder. Submission fees start as low as $10.

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Dear Sir
I have Gold and silver coins,How do I go abought
Getting them graded safely.