PCGS Returns First Strike® Inserts to Collector Club Members


The Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) has announced the return of First Strike® inserts to current and future submissions for members of the PCGS Collectors Club.

Ron Guth, President of PCGS, said in an e-mail announcement Tuesday,


“The collecting community let us know loud and clear that they wanted access to the First Strike inserts. Collectors like the First Strike program and they want the opportunity to have their own coins certified.”


The new policy ends a July 1, 2008 revision that limited First Strike inserts to dealer submissions only.

Members must submit coins to PCGS in original mint-sealed packages that are postmarked within 30 days of the original release date in order to quality for the First Strike insert.

The extra $12 fee for the insert and service includes the cost of returning any mint packages.

For more information, visit the PCGS website or visit www.pcgs.com/firststrike/.

About PCGS

PCGS is the world’s largest rare coin authentication company and a division of Collectors Universe, Inc. (NASDAQ: CLCT). Additional information is available from Professional Coin Grading Service at (800) 447-8848. E-mail: info@PCGS.com Website: www.pcgs.com.


Collectors Universe, Inc. is a leading provider of value added services to the high-value collectibles and diamond and colored gemstones markets. The Company authenticates and grades collectible coins, sports cards, autographs, stamps, currency, diamonds and colored gemstones. The Company also compiles and publishes authoritative information about United States and world coins, collectible sports cards and sports memorabilia, collectible stamps, diamonds and colored gemstones. This information is accessible to collectors and dealers at the Company’s web site, http://www.collectors.com, and is also published in print.

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mickey smith

I do not believe a true , real, Collector is repersentived,by this Lie,yes LIE,buy Gradeing Companys!! Why?? You must be setting in the seat where such Coin is STRUCK, WAS IT REJECTED, OR DID IT PASS?..The Gradeing Cos are getting just as greeded as the Un-Federal Reserve, Lies lead to a complete courpted bunch, now look at what we have! 1000s of so call melted Gold American Coins coming from Around the World, Then Ebay,Web Dealers Sell them at a MS61 to 62 Grade, but the Real Vauale is a MS 68 or better.! They Playing to the Cable/Sat people… Read more »

Joshua Miller

I’m a disappointed and confused at the same time. I just started collecting silver. At first I wanted it for melt value in case of an economic fall. Then consumed by the beauty of proof and higher graded coins. I’m 31 and intend to buy eagles for my three year old every year. I recently won a first strike ms69 on ebay for what I thought to be a deal (over melt price). But now I find out that the 2007 coin was not the first coin struck with a new die. I swear I read that somewhere. I have… Read more »