$20 Single Collector Notes Released by BEP


Series 2004 $20 Single NotesNew $20 single collector notes are now available through the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP). The offering is the third and final installment of the Series 2004 $20 Single Notes with each priced at $45.

Available banknotes include those issued from the following Federal Reserve Districts:

  • Series 2004 $20 Single Cleveland Note
  • Series 2004 $20 Single Richmond Note
  • Series 2004 $20 Single Chicago Note
  • Series 2004 $20 Single St. Louis Note

The issuance of the Series 2004 $20 note on October 9, 2003 was the first introduction to the subtle background colors for U.S. currency since the 1905 $20 Gold Certificate.

Each collectible note is:

  • Limited in quantity to 2,500 notes worldwide
  • The LOWEST SERIAL NUMBERS available. (One of the first 4,000 redesigned new color of money notes issued from the respective Federal Reserve Bank.)
  • Protected by a clear, acid-free polymer sleeve in an attractive folder

Customers interesting in purchasing the notes are directed to download a PDF order form, fill in the necessary information, and then e-mail (moneyfactory.sales@bep.treas.gov) or fax (1-888-891-7585) the order to the BEP.

A product information page for each note may be found on the BEP store home.

Orders may also be placed via the BEP toll free number 1-800-456-3408.

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