Fractional American Buffalo Gold Coins by US Mint


American Buffalo gold coinThe United States Mint pulled the trigger this afternoon in announcing a sale date of July 15 for fractional American Buffalo gold coins, and then just as quickly snuffed the message.

Currently, the U.S. Mint offers only proof one ounce American Buffalo gold coins. The Mint sent out a message through its press release RSS feed indicating American Buffalo gold coins in proof and uncirculated versions would be sold July 15 at noon (ET) in the following sizes:

  • one ounce,
  • one-half ounce,
  • one-quarter ounce.
  • one-tenth ounce, and
  • a four-coin set which contains one coin in each size.   

Essentially, the Buffalo gold coins will be sold similar to American Eagle Gold coins.

However, as already stated, although the announcement was already sent, the Mint quickly pulled it. For whatever reason — maybe pricing needed to be adjusted, the release time had to be changed, marketing jumped the gun, there was a technical glitch, etc., etc. — only the Mint knows.

But it looks like Buffalo coins changes are coming sooner versus later. Stay tuned…


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Koichi Ito

They should have issued Fractional Buffalo Gold Coins from start just like Gold Eagle Coins. What reason to wait to issue factional gold coins? What else will U.S. Mint issues this year or next?