New Zealand Silver Coin Calculator on CoinNews


New Zealand silver coins and calculatorThe New Zealand Silver Coin Calculator is added to CoinNews as another collector tool to determine the value of silver content within older circulating coins.

This new version is similar to the U.S., Canadian, and Australian Silver Coin Calculators. It will:

  • Calculate in New Zealand or American dollars (silver spot prices and silver content values)
  • List the total silver content weight of coins in troy ounces and grams
  • Provide a user setting for a bid/ask price
  • Interactively chart the silver value of coins from 2000 to the current time in New Zealand or U.S. dollars

The New Zealand Silver Calculator provides the value of silver content within circulating coins for the:

  • 3 Pence
  • 6 Pence
  • 1 Shilling
  • 1 Florin
  • 1/2 Crown
  • 1 Crown
  • Silver ounce

The new collector tool may be found on the New Zealand Silver Calculator page and from the main top CoinNews menu, ‘COIN PRICING & COLLECTOR TOOLS.’

As always, if you have suggestions for improvements to this new tool or anything on CoinNews, we are happy to hear from you.

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Is a 1970 silver dollar coin worth anything.


Could you please tell me the value of the following coins:
1 1953 Silver Crown
1 1970 silver dollar – royal visit to New Zealand
1 1977 silver dollar – 1977
(All coins in their plastic boxes)