Large Copper Penny Lifted from High School


Penny close-upA large replica penny stood the test of time at a Chicago-area high school, marking the school’s entrance for over 50 years.

The 2 1/2 foot diameter, solid copper penny was gifted to Lincoln-way Central High School by the class of 1957.

Then, a few days ago, the copper content of the replica penny apparently caught the attention of thieves.

Back in 1957, copper was just cents per pound. Ten years ago it was about 60 cents a pound, 3 years ago under $2/lb and today around $3.65 per pound. The replica penny is now worth much more with its copper value alone, than what it had cost to make — just like today’s pennies and nickels.

Hopefully the thieves will be caught before the penny is melted.

For the more, read the very short embedded article by United Press International titled, "Jumbo penny pinched from high school".

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Koichi Ito

Large Copper Penny from Central High School should be a gift to Barack Obama in Presidential Inauguration in Janaury 20, 2009.