Wizard Coin Supply Partners with Seneca Mill Press to Distribute Coinage Books


Wizard Coin Supply launches new websiteChantilly, Virginia — Wizard Coin Supply and Seneca Mill Press LLC proudly announce the appointment of Wizard Coin Supply as the exclusive distributor for the Renaissance of American Coinage books by Roger W. Burdette. All three deluxe, hard cover research books have been the recipients of acclaim from numismatic professionals and collectors nationwide.

The Renaissance of American Coinage series consists of: Renaissance of American Coinage 1905-1908 (Saint-Gaudens/Theodore Roosevelt collaboration and new gold coinage designs); Renaissance of American Coinage 1909-1915 (Lincoln Cent, Buffalo Nickel and Panama Pacific commemoratives); and, Renaissance of American Coinage 1916-1921(Mercury Dime, Standing Liberty Quarter, Walking Liberty Half Dollar and Peace dollar).

Currently boasting one of the largest selections of coin books and coin collection supplies in the numismatics industry, Wizard Coin Supply adds to its already impeccable reputation with the addition of the Renaissance series.


“This is an important advance in the distribution of these ground breaking research books,” commented author Roger Burdette.

“Wizard Coin Supply brings a wealth of talent and distribution access to the numismatic community that will increase the availability of these works to collectors.”


The Renaissance series, printed in the United States, is recognized by savvy collectors as a landmark compilation of numismatic research. The 1916-1921 and 1905-1908 volumes in the series were awarded with Numismatic Literary Guild Book of the Year Awards in 2006 and 2007 respectively, while the 1909-1915 volume will be considered for the same accolade later this summer.

The early twentieth century coin era explored in the books is generally considered to be one of the most exciting in the history of United States coinage.


“The degree of exhaustive research and original analysis that defines the Renaissance series is unique among numismatic literature,” notes Sir Wayne Herndon (Wizard eschews traditional titles in favor of thematic ones) responsible for production selection at Wizard Coin Supply.

“Roger was particularly careful to avoid merely regurgitating prior works which, in many instances, serves to perpetuate misinformation and popular myths within numismatics.”


“Becoming the official and exclusive distributor of the Renaissance series is yet another way that we are delivering the very best in numismatics literature to our discerning customers,” said Wizard’s Lady Karin Herndon.

“We believe the books of the Renaissance series thoroughly capture the excitement of the coin design and artistry of the early twentieth century – perhaps the most significant period of coin design in U.S. history.”


Beginning on July 1, 2008, all orders for books in the Renaissance series should be made directly through Wizard Coin Supply.

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About Wizard Coin Supply

Wizard Coin Supply is a global provider of coin collection supplies and coin collection accessories, based in the Washington DC suburbs of northern Virginia. Wizard is dedicated to providing its customers with the largest possible selection of quality coin supplies at deeply discounted prices and to promoting the hobby and enjoyment of numismatics.

About Seneca Mill Press

Seneca Mill Press is a specialty publisher of research books on American numismatics. Seneca Mill Press can be contacted at PO Box 1423, Great Falls, VA 22066.

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