eBay Seller Boycott Begins Monday

by Mike Unser on February 16, 2008 · 3 comments

Boycott/Strike SignMillions of coins are sold and bought on eBay each year. And while eBay has proven to be a valuable medium for many, some feel it has lost touch with those who made it a giant.

eBay announced on Jan. 29 that it would restructure fees, change the buyer and seller grading system, change site searching, and create discounts for their best sellers.

Frustrated eBay members would say the devil was in the details.

  • Up front fees reduced for auction listings
  • Photo fees for an item no longer charged
  • Increased back-end commission fees after a sale takes place
  • Top sellers gain greater visibility
  • Sellers no longer able to leave negative feedback for buyers

The changes and burdens are weighted heavily on seller shoulders. While the fee adjustments are not trivial, perhaps the most contentious item is the inability for sellers to grade buyers, regardless of the situation.

Reputation is everything and many sellers believe negative and unjustified buyer comments can go unchallenged with the new system.

Unhappy with the changes launching Feb. 20, angered eBay sellers plan a week long boycott from Feb. 18 – 25. (Watch YouTube video detailing strike.)

For policy changes intended to increase eBay’s dominance, reactions thus far would seem to indicate that minimally, eBay has missed in communicating their intent and gauging the pulse and reactions of their members.


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Koichi Ito February 17, 2008 at 10:12 am

Make eBay more buyer friendly and seller friendly! Not to middleperson! eBay must give good service to those who sell and buy items not who handle transactions. Until sellers and buyers can sell and buy at reasonable price the boycott (strike) will continue.

E.Allen Phinney November 3, 2008 at 5:19 pm

I used to sell and! buy on ebay, I finally stopped both, due to the astronomical costs that the site charged, also because of the new rules that all but force a seller or buyer to use paypal,I have bought slabbed coins on the site and later tried to resell them on the same site, the coins were taken off and I would be told that they were conterfeit, if they were, then ebay has a lot of explaining to do if you ask me,I beleive that if the site can sell coins like this to a buyer then that buyer should have the right to resell them on their site as long as they are the same coins that were originaly purchased on ebays site. I think that there should be a federal investigation of the site, they are running a monopoly to my way of thinking , one should not have to use their paypal ripoff, in order to buy or sell on the site .. If so something is drastictly wrong!

Keith Baker December 4, 2011 at 9:09 am

I have sold on eBay for just under a year. Within three months I became both a Top Rated Seller as well as a Silver level Power Seller. Here in CT we were hit by a hurricane in September and about four weeks later an early snow storm. The storm left 3/4 of the state without electricity (let alone Internet service) for a full eight days in our location. After sending hundreds of emails as soon as the electricity had been restored, I received only two negative feedbacks (remarkable considering over 350 orders went out late). Although I received very few negative feedbacks I did receive around 13 low DSR ratings on shipping time. All had been placed within a six week period. This had such a horrify effect on my page placement and PayPal account standing (all funds related to eBay sales were placed on a 21 day hold) that in one fell swoop hit cancel on all of my 194 listings along with my anchor store subscription and they were all history. For fees that amount to 16% of my gross sales including postage, I think I would like to be treated a little bit more like an Eagle (after all I have paid for it) rather than an eBay Turkey. After numerous calls to eBay support (if that is what you want to call script reading) nothing was done for me at all. I even contacted eBay during our outage on a cell phone that had barely any charge left on it, to apprise eBay and PayPal of my situation. PayPal (although owned by eBay) was in great contrast . They actually during the same time period upgraded my merchant account standing, lowering my interest rate by .5% on all transactions. I sold around $70,000 in product in the last eight months at practically no profit. I will not give another dime to eBay, I don’t care how great the exposure. I could write a book on my selling experience but will most likely run out of characters in this forum…FORMER eBay seller keithvernonb.

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