American Eagle Silver Coin


The United States Mint first began minting the American Eagle Silver coin back in 1986. It is perhaps one of the most attractive modern U.S. coins you can own. Surprisingly, you can actually put together a set, minus one or two key coins, at a fairly reasonable price.

American Silver Eagle Coin

Although the series is relatively young at just over 20 years, another thing surprising is the lack of online information regarding the coins. CoinNews is hoping to help in that regard with the addition of a new information article titled,

The American Eagle Silver Coin: History, Design, Prices and Mint Figures

The main topics of the article include:

  • The design of the American Eagle Silver
  • The various American Silver Eagle coins
    • 20th Anniversary of the American Eagles
    • Mint facility and mint mark changes throughout American Silver Eagles series
    • 10th Anniversary of the American Eagles
  • Where to buy American Eagle Silver coins
  • American Eagle Silver coin specifications
  • The Liberty Coin Act authorizes the United States Mint to strike American Eagles
  • 1986-2008 Mint prices for American Eagle Silver coins
  • Historical mintage figures for Uncirculated and Proof Silver American Eagles

While this article will never be done – more information can and will always be added – we hope you find it useful now.

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