Swiss ‘Ice Hockey Centenary’ Commemorative Coin from Federal Mint Swissmint


The variety of commemorative coins minted around the world makes collecting them interesting and exciting. The coins can provide a deep glimpse into significant events, historical insights and other driving factors for a country.

They can also represent simple or fun activities that excite and captivate their residents. A new 2008 Swiss commemorative coin with a face value of 20 Swiss francs falls mostly into this category.

Swiss Silver Ice Hockey Centenary Commemorative Coin

The Federal Mint Swissmint recently announced the new coin that celebrates the centenary of ice hockey. It was back in 1908-1909 when the first Swiss ice hockey championships were held and to commemorate that history a coin was designed that features the "tackling, strength, dynamic force and team spirit" of ice hockey.

According to Swissmint, ice hockey goes way back.


The history of ice hockey can be traced back to the 16th century. A game on ice by the name of Bandy is said to have existed in the Netherlands at that time. Bandy, generally regarded as the forerunner of modern ice hockey, is played with a small ball according to rules closely resembling those of football. The first proper match took place in 1875 in London. Just five years later, Bandy reached Switzerland, the mountains of Grisons to be precise.


Silver Ice Hockey Centenary coin specifications, prices and order information

The coin specifications are listed as:

Date of issue: 18th January 2008
Design Roland Hirter, Berne
Coin image Ice hockey centenary
Legal face value 20 Swiss francs
Alloy Silver 0.835
Weight 20 g
Diameter 33 mm
Uncirculated max. 50,000
Proof max. 12,000

The commemorative coins are priced at:

  • Silver, Uncirculated: CHF 20.00
  • Silver, Proof: CHF 55.00

The coins may be ordered online through the Federal Mint Swissmint page:

Ice hockey centenary 2008, Silver

At this time, it appears online ordering/pricing is available only in Switzerland. However, inquiries can be addressed to or through tel., 41 031 322 60 68.


About Federal Mint Swissmint

The Federal Mint is an independent unit of the Federal Finance Administration. Its origins go back to 1848, when with the founding of the federal state, the prerogative of coinage passed from the Cantons to the Confederation.

Swissmint’s most important responsibility is to strike Swiss coins for circulation. For the numismatic market, Swissmint also regularly issues coins of special quality, both for circulation and as special qualities.

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