International Currency Converter Added to CoinNews Site


International Currency Converter Added to CoinNews SiteCoinNews readers come from over 120 different countries and use a variety of national currencies. Although we often list coins with their prices, it’s simply not feasible to itemize their price per country.

However, we can and have added a currency converter for over 164 currencies and 3 metals (silver, gold and platinum).

The currency conversion engine is provided by and uses foreign exchange rates supplied by leading market data contributors. Currently, tools by OANDA are used by thousands of websites and firms, including FedEx, American Express, TimesOnline, Toyota, KPMG and more. Given the volume and leading list of partners, we felt confident in also using their engine.

Going forward, if you see any price listed in CoinNews, you can easily convert it to another currency, or even check the price of gold, silver and platinum within one of the 164 provided countries.

You can access the CoinNews Currency Converter in two places:

  • The "COIN PRICING TOOLS" menu on the top of every CoinNews page
  • In the "Coin Collector Tools" section of the CoinNews homepage

If you have any suggestions for the converter that we can change, we’re happy to hear from you.

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Koichi Ito

This due to Unstable U.S. Dollar. Now you can invest in foreign currency of your choice. When greenback is in rallie, you can buy any foreign currencies as well as precious metals.