He Finds $182,000 in a Bathroom Wall — She Wants It. Who Gets It?


You’re tearing out plaster from a bathroom wall and suddenly wads of cash appear before your eyes. The cash hoard is enormous with a face amount totaling $182,000.

Better yet, it’s not just any old cash, but 70-year old bank notes in great condition with some on the rare side. Suddenly, the $182,000 starts to seem small.

There’s just one problem. The wall you were ripping out wasn’t yours. You’re a contractor working on renovating a home.

You do the right thing. Instead of taking the money without saying a word, you notify the homeowner. Like you, she’s excited.

At first everything is amicable. Then the reality of the find sets in and the situation becomes a legal battle.

Who gets the money? Should it be shared? The answers to these questions, as it turns out, are not so simple. The CBS News video report explains.


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