Recapping Last Week’s Numismatic News Headlines


Last week was a robust week for coin news. Before launching into the week’s new cycle of news, it may be worthwhile to take a back glance into last week’s articles and information – just to make sure you didn’t miss anything intriguing.

The left column includes CoinNews headlines. Most of these you’ve likely seen on the homepage from Dec. 16- Dec. 22.

The right column contains headlines brought through RSS feeds. CoinNews displays these in the News Extra (aka RSS World Wide Numismatic News) page every day. These articles are written by other news organizations, but are included on the CoinNews site to provide the fullest picture possible about numismatic events happening around the world.

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Weekly London Fix Charted – Silver, Gold and Platinum
Under the Theme ‘Our Values’, the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) Will Be Launching An All-New Ad Campaign for Quebec
Teletrade Announces Record-Setting Sale of Large Size “Black Eagle” Note
CCAC to Review Coin Designs of Lincoln Cents, DeBakey Gold Medal and Presidential Dollars
The Friday Fun Blog: Red Kettle Donation Video
The Loonie is Time’s Canadian Newsmaker of the Year
Six New Quarters Coming, ‘In God We Trust’ Motto Moving
Torch Carving Thieves Steal 750,000 in Coins
New Jewish Coins Use Old Wisdom To Aid In Life Balancing
Copper is the New Gold, Rich in Value and Sought After by Thieves
Bowers and Merena to Offer Hundreds of Breathtaking Rarities In Orlando on January 8 Before the F.U.N. Show
House and Senate: Not All Vending Machines Need to Dispense Dollar Coins
Platinum Hits Record High: Will Coin Sales Follow?
CoinNews Site Enhancements
Fake £1 Coins Gets London Counterfeiter 5 Years in Jail
The Making of US Coins: The History Channel Answers the Questions
One Hundred Million Pennies Photographed: The Penny Harvest Field

Numismatic News (RSS Provided)

China’s Titanic to ‘sail’ into glasshouse – People’s Daily Online
Bulgaria Plagued by ‘Grave Robbers’ – Spiegel Online
Record-breaking haul from Gaul discovered at farm in Brittany – Belfast Telegraph
He found $182,000 — in her bathroom. Who gets the cash?
Statement Introducing the Free Competition in Currency Act – Gold Seek
Collector waits years to learn error’s story – Numismatic News
Wishing well throws up a solid gold surprise
8 Keys to Successfully Selling Coins and Paper Money –
New Release of NASA Approved Collectible Space Coin Collection
CoinNews Launches Beta Mobility Site
US Cultural Patrimony Agreements Still Unresolved –
Search starts for ANA head – Numismatic News
Tree was first clue in 30-year treasure hunt – Baltimore Sun
PSUs opt for gold coins to reward loyal staff
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