The Making of US Coins: The History Channel Answers the Questions


Coin Videos, like the History Channel provides, are excellent resources and freeThe emergence of Internet on-demand videos has not only provided the excitement of action-packed movies that can be viewed straight from your computer, but the availability of interesting, educational and free video content.

While coinage related video content is somewhat scarce in the numismatic world, there are indeed a few gems out there. The History Channel website through has an example of one such gem.

The History Channel is known as a leading provider of exceptional content that won’t put you to sleep. For anyone – not just new or experienced coin collectors – their video production on how coins are made will intrigue you while keeping your interest.

The History Channel video, ‘Modern Marvels: Coin Production’

While the video, Modern Marvels: Coin Production, is short at only 8 minutes and 25 seconds, it’s entertaining and extremely informational. If you’ve ever had questions about how coins are manufactured, this video will answer them while providing fascinating insights.

Modern Marvels: Coin Production, covers:

  • Thomas Jefferson’s avocation of the decimal coin system and the creation of a Mint for coins
  • The early days of the Mint and production hurdles
  • The designing and drawing of coins before they’re made
  • Creating master dies from which the coins are stamped
  • Creating coin blanks from sheets of metal and processing them
  • Making a coin’s rim and edge
  • Stamping and producing the final coins
  • Counting, bagging and shipping the coins to Federal Reserve Banks

The video eliminates the confusion in how coins are produced by providing real-world video and short interview clips. For areas that can’t be clearly shown or described by video examples, excellent animation is used.

Watch the Modern Marvels: Coin Production video now.

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