Fake £1 Coins Gets London Counterfeiter 5 Years in Jail


Fake £1 Coins Gets London Counterfeiter 5 Years in JailAnalyzing the effort to reward ratio of creating counterfeit coins and then successfully getting them into daily circulation would seem to forestall an attempt to actually do it. Unless you have a mint-style facility with all the necessary equipment, materials and staff at your disposal, the work required to phony up fake coins is an imposing thought.

Then, imagine trying to close "shop" and before heading home for the day, exchanging your freshly forged counterfeit coins for real cash at the local store.

Believe it or not, one man, Marcus Glindon from north London, undertook an almost similar and gigantic task. He managed to counterfeit 14 million blank coins, and 2.5 fully stamped £1 coins during a seven year period.

Obviously, he had some help. And he wasn’t exchanging his counterfeit money every night – mystery men who recruited him did that. And also obviously, he was caught. The man received a bonus for his efforts of 5 years in jail.

Are you intrigued by the story? If so, check out this interesting tale from thisislondon.co.uk named, Counterfeiter jailed for making 14 million fake £1 coins.

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Koichi Ito

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