ACEF: How To Report Suspected Fake Coins


ACEF logoThe Anti-Counterfeiting Educational Foundation (ACEF) now provides collectors, dealers, the general public and victims of suspected fraud with a convenient and secure way to report information about counterfeit coins, bars, holders, rounds, mint products, paper money or other suspicious counterfeit related activities.

"See it? Report it! If you have information about a counterfeit, you can easily go to the ACEF website and click on the the Counterfeit Alert tab," explained Doug Davis, ACEF Director of Anti-Counterfeiting.

"From there you are able to report a counterfeit by completing the simple online Counterfeit Report Form. Reports submitted that identify criminal or suspected criminal counterfeit activity are promptly sent to the appropriate local, state and federal law enforcement agencies with the necessary information to initiate a formal investigation," said Davis, a former Texas Police Chief.

The submitted information received is also analyzed and used to identify emerging trends and patterns, suspects and related offenses. These reports also assist the ACEF Task Force in locating websites, online marketplaces and social media platforms that sell counterfeits.

"The Anti-Counterfeiting Educational Foundation is the only entity that makes available to the numismatic industry, law enforcement and the public a centralized location to report counterfeits and suspected criminal activity," Davis stated.

ACEF and its Anti-Counterfeiting Task Force have worked with more than 20 local, state and federal law enforcement agencies to provide expert assistance on more than 80 cases involving counterfeit coins. ACEF also provided expert services to help identify, capture or convict more than 20 suspected sellers of fake coins or bogus precious metal bullion items.

"The important work of the foundation and the task force are supported entirely by donations," explained the foundation’s Executive Director Robert Brueggeman whose background is in law enforcement and security. "The ACEF is a 501(c)(3) corporation and all donations to ACEF are tax deductible."

For additional information or to make a donation, contact the Anti-Counterfeiting Educational Foundation by phone at 817-723-7231, by email or visit the web site at

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floyd Longwell

just received 10 fake Silver Eagles from a company called Phonisma. Didn’t realize they were in China until it was too late.

Allen Doeringer

I received 20 fake Silver Eagles from a company called US Rare Coin Service aka Coin Shop. Fortunately, I disputed the charge on my credit card as soon as I saw the charge was coming from China. I did receive a full refund, however the shipment arrived anyway. Now I don’t know what to do with the coins. The company is now asking me to pay for them. Not bloody likely.


I received the same from the same company. Did a ping test and dead. I’m disputing the charge as well, same came from china. The address on the package said JANE, Cedar Grove NJ.