Mint Creates and Splits Existing Coin Products


The recent rumblings from the release of the 2008 quarter designs and yesterday’s announcement of the commemorative 10th Anniversary American Eagle Platinum set nearly hid a smaller notice from the U.S. Mint regarding other new products.

The following Mint products will go on sale Monday, December 3:

  • Individual Proof Coins
  • Uncirculated Dollar Sets
  • Official Mint Coin Albums
  • And Presidential $1 Coins Paired with First Spouse Medals

The Mint update notice was very brief so there’s no specifics about each product other than what’s already listed.

These coin products aren’t new – you can already buy this year’s proof coins, dollars and medals from the Mint. What is new is how these coin offerings were separated from existing sets or added with others and then packaged.

While the addition of product arrangements and options is typically enjoyed by existing customers, they can sometimes add an extra layer of confusion for first-time or less experienced buyers.

If properly executed, the marketing and sales mathematics usually equate to larger profits for the seller and customers come out ahead.

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