Sorry True Loves: Gold Pushed ’12 Days of Christmas’ Prices Up


Most are familiar with the age-old Christmas song, ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’. It’s become a tradition during Christmas in more ways than one.

The first through its lyrics that are joyfully song during the holidays. The second way is through the financial and interesting aspects of the ’12 Days of Christmas’ Price Index.

According to PNC Wealth Management, who created the light-hearted Christmas Price Index 23 years ago, the cost to buy your true love everything in the list is now $19,507. That’s an increase of 3.1% over last year. (Interesting, the PNC Christmas Index trends closely with the Consumer Price Index.)

What’s a big price jumper in the list? For bullion investors and coin collectors, that’s not a hard one to guess – the “5 Golden Rings”. It’s up 21.5% and will now cost $395.

If there’s any good news for coin collectors, it’s the fact that you can still buy your true love a gold ring for Christmas. Unfortunately, one item many coin collectors would like to receive in return – uncirculated 2007 gold American Eagles coins – is less likely to happen given the U.S. Mint’s ever-lasting eagle suspensions. But that’s another story…

So, how much has the list of items in the ’12 Days of Christmas’ gone up? Here’s a breakdown of their percent changes:.

  1. Partridge in a Pear Tree – up 15.4%
  2. Turtle Doves – up 0.0%
  3. French Hens – up 0.0%
  4. Calling Birds – up 25.0%
  5. Golden Rings – up 21.5%
  6. Geese A-Laying – up 20.0%
  7. Swans A-Swimming – up 0.0%
  8. Maids A-Milking – up 13.6%
  9. Ladies Dancing – up 0.0%
  10. Lords A-leaping – up 3.0%
  11. Pipers Piping – up 4.2%
  12. Drummers Drumming – up 4.2%

The PNC Christmas Price Index release has many more details, including prices and differences between buying the list through traditional means or through the Internet.

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