Medieval Fortress Markely Surrenders Ancient Golden Treasure


It’s hard to surpass the excited imaginations of ancient medieval fortresses filled with bounties of hidden treasures. For a lucky few, imaginations turn to reality.

That’s likely what happened to archaeologists who recently discovered a small hoard of ancient golden coins in an old medieval fortress named Markely.

The fortress, located in Karnobat, Bulgaria, has yielded other archelogical finds since excavations began in 1986. But the ancient Byzantine coins from the 11th and 12th centruary are standouts.

According to the news account by, 37 golden coins from three Byzantine emperors, a golden ring and five gilt loops were found in a clay pot.

The Byzantine coins inluded:

For the original article, read Golden Treasure Found in Medieval Fortress Markely.

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A Markely

Not many of us Markely’s around the world. To think that in 1983 I was in Varna in Bulgaria not knowing that there was a fortress not far from there with my name. Now I wonder if I could put in a claim????