Video: Israeli Archaeologists Find Ancient Coins


The Israel Antiquities Authority in late December announced the discovery of 264 ancient gold coins in Jerusalem National Park. The find was described as "one of the largest and most impressive coin hoards ever discovered in Jerusalem."

British archaeologist volunteer, Nadine Ross, uncovered the ancient coins at an excavation site and within the ruins of a 7th century building near the Old City. She had been at the site for a month and found the coins in the last week of her visit.


"To be honest, I just thought, ‘Thank God I didn’t throw it in the rubbish bucket,’ " Ross was quoted in the Telegraph. "I was just glad I sort of spotted it before I disturbed it too much."


All coins bear the likeness of Byzantine Emperor Heraclius (610-641 CE). The embedded Reuters video includes the coins, comments from Ross and speculation as to how the coins were first hidden.

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