Safe Halloween Treats Kids Love and Parents Enjoy


Instead of giving candy as a treat for Halloween, how about trying coins?What’s a great treat you can hand out for Halloween that thrills a child and can strike their interest into a new hobby? Coins!

Coins stand out from the ton of normal treats a child receives, and they’re great for parents who have to worry about safety.

So what is a good coin treat? That’s where you may have to think out of the box and also be mindful of costs.

In this day and age, giving a penny for a treat is likely to warrant criticism and achieve the exact opposite results you intend. Your house could also receive a "treat" later that night.

An old penny, like a wheat cent could be great. However, you’ll want to make sure the wheat cent somehow "pops" with notice through a coin holder or some other means.

The child should know the cent isn’t just another new penny they see all the time, and is worth more than a penny. That may get think thinking more like a collector.

A Sacagawea golden dollar or a new Presidential $1 coin would be a great idea too. In fact, the United States Mint has suggested this very thing in a bulletin.

Of course, depending on how many trick-or-treaters you get, this one could get a bit expensive. You may want to think about state quarters or maybe smaller foreign coins.

Whatever you decide, have some fun with it. If you do, the trick-or-treater likely will too!

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