Not a 500 Year Old Gold Coin in Choppington – Just Another Fake


The coin carried a look of age and a lure of value. But instead, it was a replica and comparable piece of junk.

The story retold by the News Post Leader relays how a treasure-hunter discovered what he hoped to be an old gold coin in Choppington, an England village in Northumberland.

There was no such luck for him, however. The coin was analyzed by an expert and determined to be a fake. The outside was covered in gold resin to give an old, golden appearance.

It also wasn’t of sufficient weight and, to top it all off, it was marked in traditional replica fashion.

Unfortunately, the story doesn’t completely stop there. Before the coin was declared fake, a frenzied treasure-hunt of sorts erupted across the local farming land.

The farmers couldn’t be too happy about the disruptions or their land getting "walked over".

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