ANA Needs Themes for National Coin Week, Provides Contest and Coins to Winners


ANA announces theme contest for National Coin Week where the top three winners will receive coins and prizesEvery third week in April the American Numismatic Association (ANA) promotes the study and collecting of coins and currency through National Coin Week.

The week of celebration is filled with a series of activities ranging from sponsored school events to numismatic exhibits and public gatherings.

To help "send out the call", the ANA provides ideas, promotional material and exposure to coin dealers, clubs and others who participate.

Themed approach to National Coin Week

The ANA focuses special attention not only on a week each year but also within a numismatic theme. They describe the reason as:

"Each National Coin Week has a theme chosen to engage people in learning more about money’s role in culture, art, history and science."

As an example, this year the theme was, The Presidents are Coming! – celebrated the United States Mint’s Presidential $1 Coin Program.

American Numismatic Association Announces Contest, and provides details

The ANA has just announced the 2008 National Coin Week Theme contest. The contest is open to all its members and it has incentives. Those who submit the best three themes win coins and other prizes.

The main criteria for theme entries, which must be submitted by November 30, is:

"…focusing on unity in a global society, and what role children and numismatics play in achieving this unity."

If you’re interested and have a theme idea, you can e-mail, fax or mail it to:

American Numismatic Association
National Coin Week Coordinator
818 North Cascade Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
Fax: 719-634-4085

The ANA asks that you include your full contact information, Member ID and a brief description of why your theme merits winning.

Good luck!

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