Wyoming First Day Coin Covers Available


The Wyoming Official First Day Coin Cover is available now from the United States Mint. 35,000 are available for sale.The United States Mint has released the 2007 Wyoming Official First Day Coin Cover.

These limited edition covers hold two Wyoming state quarters that were each minted on the very first day of the coin’s production.

Just like the Jefferson $1 Coin Cover recently released, one coin included is from the United States Mint at Philadelphia while the other is from Denver.

Also placed on the cover is an American Flag postage stamp and a postmark date of September 4, 2007, which indicates the day the Wyoming state quarters were first released to the public.

The Wyoming First Day Coin Cover is the 44th released in the series.

Unlike the presidential coin covers, which had a limit of 50,000, the Wyoming covers are limited to 35,000 units. No household order limit is listed.

The price of the Wyoming Coin Cover is $14.95, plus shipping and handling.

To order the covers, you can visit the online store at the U.S. Mint website.

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