Thomas Jefferson $1 Coin Covers Available


2007 Jefferson $1 Coin CoverThe United States Mint has released the 2007 Jefferson $1 Coin Covers. The limited edition covers contain two Jefferson $1 Coins that were minted on the first day of production.

One coin is from the Philadelphia Mint while the other is from the Denver Mint. Also included on the cover is an American Flag postage stamp and a postmark date of August 16, 2007, which indicates the day the coins were first released.

There’s a limit in place of 10 orders per household, which will be re-evaluated after thirty days. However, given there’s a total limit set at 50,000, the Jefferson covers may not be available beyond those thirty days.

The price of the Jefferson $1 Coin Cover is $14.95, plus shipping and handling.

To order the covers, you can visit the online store at the U.S. Mint web site.

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[…] like the Jefferson $1 Coin Cover recently released, one coin included is from the United States Mint at Philadelphia while the other is from […]