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2014 Kennedy Half-Dollar Clad Set Logs 4-Day Sales of 84,593Collectors over the weekend picked up 14,619 more 2014 Kennedy Half-Dollar Uncirculated Coin Sets, lifting their four-day sales total to 84,593.

The set was released by the United States Mint on Thursday, July 24, and costs $9.95 [...]


1964 Kennedy Portrait Returns for 2014 50th Anniversary CoinsThis article describes how the U.S. Mint restored the original portrait design on 1964 Kennedy Half-Dollars for 2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half-Dollars in .9999 fine gold, .900 fine silver and copper-nickel clad.

This year’s 50th anniversary Kennedy half-dollars bear the vintage Gilroy Robert’s portrait of President John F. Kennedy, a design for inaugural 1964 halves that was "lost" over the years following a number of revisions [...]

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US Mint Survey to Inquire about Low Denomination CoinsA survey will soon be conducted for the United States Mint to hear about the public’s use and perception of U.S. circulating coinage.

Special emphasis will be directed toward the use off low denomination coins, according to a U.S. Mint noticed published earlier this month on the Federal Register [...]

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Billions in Gold, Treasures of History at West Point MintDid you know that there is gold near the banks of the Hudson River in New York? And we’re not talking about a little bit of gold dust left in a creek bed, but tons of the precious metal.

Secured inside vaults of the United States Mint facility in West Point are thousands of bars of gold [...]


Photos of 2014-W Reverse Proof Kennedy Half-Dollar Silver CoinsIt’s a safe bet to assume that the most sought 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half-Dollar product will be this fall’s release of the 2014 Kennedy Half-Dollar Silver Coin Collection with its four 90% silver coins for $99.95.

Better than clad and cheaper than gold, collectors like silver. The set has that times four with the added lure of coins bearing varying finishes and struck from all U.S. Mint production facilities [...]


Trip to West Point Mint Over... Upcoming ArticlesOur trip last week to the U.S. Mint at West Point was fantastic. We met the management teams, watched employees work their magic, saw 2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy half-dollars made and scored our names on walls of a vault where thousands of silver and gold bullion bars are held.

We’ll publish several stories about our visit. The early ones will focus on [...]

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2014-W Proof 50th Anniversary Kennedy Gold Half-Dollar PhotosThe United States Mint hit its first Kennedy half-dollar anniversary product out of the ballpark with first day sales of 68,974 for its clad set, or nearly 32,000 more than the Mint originally produced.

Based on its start and our visit to the U.S. Mint in West Point where we saw more halves, I expect similar home-runs for the upcoming dual-dated 2014-W Proof 50th Anniversary Kennedy Gold Half-Dollar and four-coin set of 90% silver Kennedy halves [...]


Kennedy Half-Dollar Clad Set Scores Knockout on ReleaseOrders poured in early for the 2014 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half-Dollar Uncirculated Coin Set featuring two special clad half-dollars from the Philadelphia Mint and Denver Mint for $9.95.

Released Thursday, the United States Mint reported this morning that first-day sales hit [...]


2014 Kennedy Half-Dollar Uncirculated Coin Set for SemicentennialCommemorating the semicentennial of the Kennedy half-dollar with its first appearance in 1964, the United States Mint today, July 24, released the 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half-Dollar Uncirculated Coin Set.

Early ordering was lively with the U.S. Mint toggling on its "waiting room" feature due to high traffic [...]


US Mint Sales: Grace Coolidge Gold Coins DebutNew to U.S. Mint sales charts this week are the 24-karat Grace Coolidge First Spouse Gold Coins in proof and uncirculated finishes.

Released on July 17, they launched one week after the inaugural 2014 issues of First Spouse Gold Coins honoring Florence Harding [...]

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