Silver Proof Sets and Alabama $1 Highlight U.S. Mint Products for April


April will be a busier month for the United States Mint, with four days designated for the release of seven numismatic products, compared to March, when only two days featured releases.

US Mint products for April
U.S. Mint images which show their product releases for April

U.S. Mint products released in April include two silver proof sets: the traditional annual set containing the year’s circulating coins, as well as the set of five silver quarters for the year. Additionally, there are Alabama Innovation dollars available in rolls and bags, along with a silver medal featuring James Garfield, the 20th President of the United States.

Each of the silver products contains coins made of .999 fine silver. The silver quarters, which are also included in the annual set, commemorate Reverend Dr. Pauli Murray, the Honorable Patsy Takemoto Mink, Dr. Mary Edwards Walker, Celia Cruz, and Zitkala-Ša. The Alabama coin features one of the most unique designs in the Innovation dollar series, depicting the power and force of the Saturn V rocket lifting off with the Moon in the background.

Product limits, product prices and product release dates follow.

U.S. Mint April Product Releases

U.S. Mint Numismatic Product Product Limit Price Release Date
2024 American Women Quarters Silver Proof Set 55,044 $80.00 Tuesday, April 2
2024-P Alabama Innovation Dollar 25-Coin Roll 8,400 $34.50 Monday, April 8
2024-D Alabama Innovation Dollar 25-Coin Roll 7,350 $34.50 Monday, April 8
2024-P Alabama Innovation Dollar 100-Coin Bag 3,150 $117.50 Monday, April 8
2024-D Alabama Innovation Dollar 100-Coin Bag 2,950 $117.50 Monday, April 8
2024 Silver Proof Set TBD $130.00 Tuesday, April 23
James Garfield Presidential Silver Medal None $75.00 Tuesday, April 30


New U.S. Mint products become available at noon ET on their release day. The Mint’s latest product schedule is found here.

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Major D

The Alabama 2024 AI$ is the third space themed coin in the series (after the Delaware 2019 Classifying the Stars, and Maryland 2020 Hubble Space Telescope). Does anyone know the status of the sixth medal (2.5 oz Space Force) in the Armed Forces Silver Medal Program?

Chris Terp

I can’t see the Mint not producing a Space Force medal Major D. Believe when Mint put this program together years in advance there was no Space Force or hadn’t been approved yet. It will be odd that Mint won’t produce Space Force to complete all services.

E 1

I like the Alabama Dollar. Certainly a tribute to Huntsville and the Saturn 5 rocket.
Looks like I will be getting my Proof Silver Kennedy early this year.



E1 your ASE post with the photo showed up on the Ghost article.
As with you and Cali, I had a whole day delay(not my first post by a long shot)..Sometimes they drag their feet, or took the weekend off?…
Anything Space related I thoroughly enjoy. Both Shuttle Disasters shook me up pretty good…
I’m in on the Silver Kennedy–Set, or Slab? Both?..You?

Major D

I copy you on that anything space related and about how the disasters shook me up, too. Regarding Columbia, one of my favorite commemoratives is the 1992 CCQ.


For any that may want to know more about the coin pictured in Major D’s post. I couldn’t recall the design, so here’s the link to the information regarding the “Christopher Columbus Quincentenary Dollar”(1992 CCQ)

PS May brain is still frozen in disbelief at seeing the shuttle blow up and the booster rocket spiraling out of control. Saw it unfold that day on live TV and still can’t believe, wrap my head around it. Same more or less with the 2nd incoming aircraft on live internet feed after arriving at work on 9/11. Surreal…


That one is new to me and a great design. Thanks for sharing…
Although as I recall the Columbia Shuttle was lost in 2003?


Not sure if you are making a statement, general comment or correction Rick. So I’ll be “super” clear on my use of “the” vs “that”. The $1 CCQ coin(1993) used or depicted the space shuttle “Discovery”. My description is of the “Challenger” disaster(launch) in January of 1986, and you are correct, “the” Columbia disaster(re-entry) was lost in 2003. One never left(73 seconds), the other failed to return. Tragic and such loss of truly dedicated professionals. I still don’t agree with the entire crew(Challenger) not being honored, other than a “star”, in regards to the Christa McAuliffe Commemorative silver $1’s in… Read more »

Last edited 2 months ago by CaliSkier
Major D

CaliSkier- Yes, right you are! I’ve always associated the word “Columbia” with Columbus, and just assumed that the shuttle depicted in the 1992 CCQ was Columbia. But it is in fact instead the shuttle Discovery, for the “Age of Discovery”. According to Wikipedia, the space shuttle Columbia was “named after the first American ship to circumnavigate the upper North American Pacific coast and the female personification of the United States”. But then again, both of these have origins with Christopher Columbus, so “Columbia” is indeed rooted to Columbus. Speaking of the space shuttle Discovery, another fav coin is this one from… Read more »

E 1

Rick, . I will do my best to score a presale PCGS 2024 Proof Silver Kennedy in PR-70 DCAM FDI or FS. Then I will be looking for the 2024 P&D uncirculated Kennedy’s for my Dansco P&D Uncirculated Set. Those two coins will most likely come from a 2024 Mint Set and not mint rolls. I do not collect the clad proofs. 2025 will most likely be the last year for the Type 1 Kennedy Series and will be the last year that I collect the Kennedy halves. It will be a 61-year run for the Type 1 Kennedy Half… Read more »


E1 Thanks for sharing that. Your dedication to the Kennedy Half series is obvious and inspiring, not to mention your recognition for the great man that he truly was. I’m a newbie fan of the series thanks to you. I thoroughly love those coins you introduced to me(all of us @MNB). I have a few great Kennedy coins, and a few more to go, but I’ll never have the collection that you have..The Albums alone sound amazing. If I ever bump into you, please show them to me. For now though, whatever photos you share here and there are a… Read more »


Major D, as best I can tell the US Mint has yet to even schedule a review(CRA/CCAC) of designs for the Armed Forces 2.5/1oz Space Force Silver Medals? The last Coin World article on the subject, said possibly in late 2023? Also said at the end of the program. Which the Army 1oz is the last of the previous 5 issues. I’m betting that they will not be released until the price has been adjusted to $190(minimum) for the 2.5oz sized medal. For the 1oz I’m anticipating a possible increase prior to the Army 1oz release to $85? Why not?… Read more »

John Q. Coinage

Cali come on man a gold Mercury dime and Walker I gold, ever see that? Ooops yeah repeat, rinse & boring……as I said STella….

Chris Terp

Lame may actually be good CaliSkier. The alternative may be a PC / woke coin somehow celebrating the 250th anniversary.


Chris, I’d never thought of it that way, I guess lame, could be the “Glass Half Full”, if you will? Love your Silver lining as every dark cloud has one! LOL


Or maybe they can have a special day of trans to coincide with the 250th release. Wouldn’t that be special! I have yet to purchase any product from the mint this year and I’m waiting to see what obscene price they peg to the AGE’s this year. It seems to me that maybe they don’t want us buying precious metal products. But with Au approaching $2300/oz., I’m certainly happy with my gold coin collection.


You really want to know what is a travesty about the US Armed Forces, Space Force Medal IMO? We are going to get Joe Biden, Janet Yellen and Ventris Gibson bronze medals, in 2 sizes, well before those Space Force Silver Medals. SMH Although those Space Force medals were approved(JYellen) in 2021 and had been thought, to possibly be up for release in 2023. Nope, the designs haven’t even been reviewed(Space Force) and those 3 bronze medals I mention above will be reviewed on this upcoming April 17th according to the notice in the Federal Register. Picture of progress at… Read more »

Major D

As was also the case with some of the streamers, I believe the artist’s intent was that the missing letters are actually hidden in the folds, in an attempt to depict that they’re blowing in the breeze. I don’t think the last letter is part of an E but rather part of a W as in “United We Stand”.


I SO want the Space Force metal – slow to come….was my number one want last year…

I guess Flowing Hair this year and so thankful I nabbed the Brittiania!

Maybe the Space Force will release when we the presidency flips.



Major D

and that’s how the downward spiral here will start back up