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US Mint SiteThe United States Mint is the most active mint in the world, producing billions of circulating coins, tens of millions of bullion coins, and millions of numismatic or collector coins every single year.

CoinNews.net publishes at least one weekly numismatic report of current US Mint Coin Sales Figures, as provided by the US Mint directly. These coin sales figures are indispensable to both coin collectors and investors for determining current demand, coin mintages, and more.

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Mark Twain Silver Dollar Sales at 43,600In roughly three days, sales of the new proof and uncirculated 2016-P Mark Twain Commemorative Silver Dollars totaled 43,600 coins, or 12.5% of their maximum 350,000.

The proof with its unique degrees of frosting is outselling the other silver dollar with its standard uncirculated finish by 2.6-to-1 […]


2016 American Silver Eagle Sales in January Log 3-Year HighSales of American Eagle silver bullion coins raced in January with buyers ordering 99.2% of the month’s supply. The U.S. Mint’s flagship product scored a January sales total of 5,954,500 coins, the most for a month in three years.

More of the 1-ounce, .999 fine silver coins could have sold but the U.S. Mint has rationed their distribution because of silver planchet shortages […]


US Mint Sales: Sets and Gold Coins BounceApart from seeing weekly gains of commemorative Mark Twain Gold Coins, there’s not a whole lot of excitement in browsing the latest batch of United States Mint sales figures.

The proof Mark Twain coin rose 1,439 to 7,432 while the uncirculated issue added 528 to 3,518. Combined, their sales are at 10,950 for 11% of the maximum 100,000 […]

US Mint Sales: Mark Twain Gold Coins DebutFour-day sales of the new proof and uncirculated 2016 $5 Mark Twain Commemorative Gold Coins totaled 8,983 units, or 9% of the maximum, according to the latest figures from United States Mint.

Released on Thursday, early orders are already shipping. Those buying today can still get the uncirculated Mark Twain gold coin quickly but there’s a wait for the proof […]


US Mint Sales: 2016 Gift Sets Debut; Fewer ProductsTwo gift sets for 2016 made their first showing on the U.S. Mint’s sales report, but what’s more interesting is the slimmer report itself with 49 fewer products.

It appears that the Mint is tidying up some in preparation for newer releases. It also likely means that the totals reported a week earlier for those now missing products are final until audited figures become available later down the road […]


2014 Proof Set and 2014 Mint Set Mark Mintage LowsA number of U.S. Mint products went off sale on Dec. 30 and 31. They included two core annual sets from 2014 that, according to Mint sales figures, now have the lowest mintages in more than five decades.

Just a few years ago, it was often cheaper to buy proof and mint sets after the U.S. Mint stopped selling them. In a turnaround, more are not only holding their values but some […]


US Mint Sales: Last Hurrah ProductsNearly two dozen United States Mint products went off sale last week, including commemorative coins, American Silver Eagles and a number of annual sets.

Several of them were among the Mint’s best sellers of the week but none of them scored soaring gains […]


US Mint Sales: Exit of Silver Eagles and CommemorativesAll United States Mint products with American Silver Eagles and commemorative coins will be available for just a few more hours. The U.S. Mint will stop selling them today at noon ET. Several older annual sets will also go off sale tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. ET. Two of them are sitting at sales lows that have not been seen since the 1950s and ’60s.

The latest sales stats don’t show a serious last minute run for any of them, at least through Sunday. Although on Tuesday, the 2015 $5 Proof U.S. Marshals Service Commemorative Gold Coin unexpectedly joined the ranks of the unavailable […]


US Mint Sales: 2015 Core Sets and Silver Eagles ReignAmerican Silver Eagles and core annual sets topped U.S. Mint sales charts. For a seventh week in a row, the 2015 Proof Set led the pack.

This year’s major sets will continue to rule sales until the proof set of 2016 quarters launches on Jan. 11. The Silver Eagles with vanish from sight sooner since they go off sale on Dec. 30 […]


US Mint Sales: 2015 Unc. Gold Eagle UnavailableIn two noteworthy changes on the numismatic gold front, one of the U.S. Mint’s gold coins became unavailable while another returned for sale.

As for the former, the 2015-W $50 Uncirculated American Gold Eagle hasn’t been on sale for at least two days now. Its latest weekly sales increase of […]


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